2011 to 2012 UK screw machinery market will exceed 800 million euros

According to the IBISWorld Market Research, the global fastener market is over US$50 billion. The UK fastener manufacturers have locked in high-value niche products. However, the British local industry is small and the main operators are foreign-owned subsidiaries. British fastener fastener manufacturers tend to produce products based on major customers such as automobiles and aerospace manufacturers. In the UK, the industry is mainly concentrated in the western Midlands, which accounts for 39% of the total number of fastening fastener manufacturers in the UK. The region is known for the automotive industry. Major fastener-related manufacturers such as Alcoa Fastening Systems Ltd, Ticker Fasteners Ltd, and Caparo Atlas Fastenings Ltdan Located in this area.

It is estimated that in the period from 2011 to 2012, the fastener manufacturing industry in the UK will reach a revenue of 497.7 million euros, which is 3.4% higher than that in 2010-2011, and the domestic fastener machinery market in the UK is expected to be in 2011-2012. It rose by 5.5% to a scale of 8161.7 million euros.

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