6 reasons to choose wallpaper!

Because wallpapers have features such as diverse colors, rich patterns, luxurious style, safety and environmental protection, convenient construction, and reasonable prices, and other features that cannot be matched by other interior decoration materials, wallpapers are becoming more and more popular in the process of wall decoration. Let's see today. Why do we choose wallpapers!

First, personalized wallpaper, diversification

Pattern, color and texture are the biggest advantages of wallpaper compared to other interior wall decoration materials. He breaks the stereotypes of traditional interior wall decoration materials, has rich colors, fancy styles and materials for you to choose, and you can create different home styles as you like. Taste, reflect the true personality of me, whether it is a noble aristocratic style or fresh and pleasant pastoral scenery, whether it is the exotic style of European style rain or simple and elegant Oriental charm, you can come by hand.

Second, the wallpaper has high environmental performance

Environmental protection has increasingly become one of the most concerned issues for people choosing decoration materials. The wallpaper uses natural, less polluting paper, cloth, wood fiber and micro-suspended PVC resin as raw materials. From the perspective of production technology, technology and use, PVC resin does not contain harmful components such as lead and benzene, and it has other chemical building materials. In comparison, it can be said that the wallpaper is not toxic.

In particular, high-grade wallpapers such as plain paper wallpapers, natural material wallpapers, and wood fiber wallpapers have higher environmental performance. This is exemplified by the widespread use of wallpapers in Europe, the United States, Japan, and South Korea. The wallpaper special glue used for wallpapering is usually made from vegetable starch, such as water-borne wallpaper glue made from potato flour, and it is also safe and non-polluting.

Third, wallpaper easy to clean and maintain

The wallpaper has good abrasion resistance and stain resistance, so the maintenance is also very simple. Once the wallpaper is found to be stained, just wipe it with sponge, water or detergent to remove the stain; it can also be wiped clean with a damp cloth, and then Dry it with a dry cloth. Among them, the dirt-resistance and scrub-resistance characteristics of the rubber surface wallpaper are the most prominent, ensuring that even if you repeatedly rub it, it will not affect the beauty of the family wall.

Wallpaper wallpaper

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