8 things to regret soon after renovation

8 things to regret soon after renovation Whether you are about to decorate or decorate in the near future, it is worth looking at!

1, bath PK shower, one of the two options, it is recommended that shower, bathtub installed, and never had a few bath. The shower does not refer to the shower room. The glass in the shower room is still very tired. You can also choose to hang the shower curtain.

2, regret the edge of the toilet is not reserved for power outlets, Washlet can not pick.

3, if you like to go online, at least 2 network ports and 2 or more sockets are reserved on each wall of each room. Wireless routers can indeed solve problems, but sometimes they are unstable.

4, the floor color to be slightly lighter, not easy to see the gray, kitchen tiles but slightly darker, it is not easy to find hair everywhere, so that it is the most resistant to dirt.

5, if you can buy in the mall, do not call woodworking! Unless this carpentry craft is quite good.

6, pay attention to the size of the door inside the home when buying anything, do not buy well to move in.

7. A laundry pool was made in the laundry room for hand washing. I thought that the use of less, I did not expect this laundry pool is really convenient.

8, TV wall must be set more than a few sockets, TV, DVD, etc., will find the socket is not enough.

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