Air booster pump works

Air pump booster piston pump (piston pump) of a class, the maximum output pressure up to 560Mpa, working medium can be used in the use of hydraulic oil, water, and even most of the chemical etching liquid can be Transport, do not need to bother to maintain and long service life, high reliability. So, the advantages of air booster pump so much, what are the specific? How does it work? Next we will take a look at the working principle of air booster pump. Air booster pump working principle diagram (Asia Fluid Network) 1, the air booster pump uses: Air booster pump uses a very wide range, mainly for the following purposes: the pressure of natural gas, calibration of all valves, wellhead devices and valves Bubbling experiments in water, testing pressure regulating valve, the oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, methane and other gases for supercharging. As the cost-effective and wide range of use, air booster pump has become the pro-Lai majority of manufacturers. 2, air booster pump works: In principle, the pump is the use of large-scale piston-side low-pressure gas-driven to produce a small area of ​​piston-end high-pressure gas. Booster pump constantly reciprocating work, the greater the output pressure, the pump reciprocation speed will slow down until stopped. Pump at this time constant pressure output, energy consumption to a minimum, the parts stop moving. The input pressure can be adjusted so that the output pressure is adjusted accordingly. This proof can show the air booster pump with high output performance and low cost. At work, it can achieve a 2-5x increase in air pressure in the work system, which only requires the use of compressed air in the work system as a source of gas. Due to the lack of local compressed air pressure, a problem that plagued people for a long time, so as to solve the design and manufacture of air booster pump. Its biggest feature is that when the set pressure is reached, no power is required and no additional energy is consumed. This saves a lot of cost and is used many times in areas where explosion protection is required. Here you can want to buy air booster pump friends to make a suggestion, air booster pump maximum drive pressure up to 8.5Mpa, but in order to extend the life expectancy, it is recommended to choose the pressure ≤ 0.7Mpa. Currently in our country, the rapid development of the pump, compared to the past has been much higher, the domestic professional production team enterprises and foreign professional well-known enterprises can stand in a line. Nowadays, with the development of the city, technological development has been very mature and considerable confidence can be reported in the future. This article is published in Asia Fluid Network Editor, reprint, please indicate Asia Fluid Network Promotion Service Hotline:, QQ:, Editor: Wu Wenxuan;

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