Air energy water heaters to choose to enjoy comfortable bathroom

After the fall, the temperature cools down day by day. After a busy day at home, you can comfortably take a hot bath to relieve the fatigue of the day. Many families now use water heaters to provide hot water for their families to bathe, and air-heated water heaters are becoming more and more popular. So how can air energy water heaters buy it? What are the precautions for choosing an air heater? In this issue, follow Xiao Bian to learn about air energy water heaters.

  1, see the brand

Choosing a more common professional brand on the market should have a low level of concentration in the air energy market. Some former manufacturers of solar energy and air conditioners also sell air-energy water heaters, but their R&D and production do not have professional production conditions for air energy. .

  2, see the model

Professional large companies have more large-scale projects and models in the past, especially in the cold northern China, and even Tibetan companies with more diverse board projects have more stable products and stronger technology and energy-saving.

  3, see the weight

The main components of a standard equipment should be composed of compressor four-way valves, electric control sleeve heat exchanger fin heat exchangers, and some manufacturers use virtual standard heat, smaller presses and heat exchanger assembly. Equipment, but the direct thermal power of its equipment is far from the marked value. Taking a standard 13-prong direct heating device (PASHW130SB-2-C) as an example, the standard brick net weight is 310KG.

  4, see the service

This point is also the most important point. The three-package policy of the major brand's professional manufacturers is 6.5 years free of charge repairs, but the cottage small factory only dares to guarantee for 2 years because of its product quality and other reasons. The warranty and repairs still have their own essence, but we must pay attention to the difference between the two!

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