Analysis: Is the bamboo floor good or the wooden floor?

It is not difficult to find out when you go to the building materials market. Nowadays, bamboo flooring has occupied a place in the market. Bamboo flooring is good? Is the owner buying bamboo flooring or wood flooring? The entanglement is because I don’t understand, the entanglement is because I know less, at this moment, don’t be stunned. Below, we will give you an analysis: decoration is to buy bamboo The floor is good or the wooden floor is good.

You should have a general understanding of this floor before buying bamboo flooring. The bamboo floor is composed of the following four main parts. The uppermost layer is a wear-resistant layer of aluminum oxide, which mainly protects the bamboo surface. The second layer is the surface layer of the bamboo floor, which is pressed by the original bamboo to retain the original bamboo texture. The third layer is The base material layer is generally made of bamboo or wood crushed high pressure, low carbon environmental protection; the lowermost layer is the back plate balance layer, which can effectively prevent the deformation of the floor and avoid the corrosion of the cement.

First, the advantages of buying bamboo flooring

1. Bamboo flooring is more comfortable than wooden flooring

In terms of comfort, bamboo flooring and solid wood flooring are obviously superior to diamond plates, which can be said to be warm in winter and cool in summer. The purchase of bamboo flooring is mainly due to the low thermal conductivity of wood and bamboo, which allows people to walk barefoot comfortably no matter what season, which is incomparable with ceramic tiles.

2, bamboo flooring is more environmentally friendly than wooden flooring

In the long run, bamboo flooring will be the development direction of home improvement flooring. The growth period of bamboo is much shorter than that of trees. It can be completed in a few years and become a resource for sustainable production. The solid wood flooring is made of virgin forest trees of 3 or 40 years old. It is difficult to sustain growth. Basically, one less one is used, and the materials are less and less precious. The purchase of bamboo flooring will help reduce the amount of wood used, and has a large environmental protection function in the use of earth resources. Solid wood flooring will be affected by resources and become a luxury for a very small number of people.

Second, the disadvantages of buying bamboo flooring

1, buy bamboo flooring is not as stable as wood

In terms of stability, bamboo flooring shrinks and expands less than solid wood flooring. However, the shortcomings of bamboo flooring in actual durability are also obvious. First, it is prone to delamination due to the influence of sun and humidity. In the south, bamboo flooring is prone to locusts, which affects the service life of the floor. This is also a good idea when you buy bamboo flooring. If your home recommends wood flooring in the south, if you don't want to consider this, it is just a reference.

2, bamboo flooring is not as good as wood flooring

From the aspect of aesthetics, the color of bamboo flooring is relatively monotonous. It is difficult to adapt to the diversified decoration style of bamboo flooring. The wood flooring has different texture according to its tree texture and different trees, which can be said to be more beautiful.

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Label: Analysis: Is the bamboo floor good or the wooden floor?

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