Analysis of the future market prospects of plastic additives

High efficiency, special effects, non-toxic, pollution-free, and multi-functional compounding are the general development trends of plastic additives. From the development trend of plastic additives, the impact modifiers are mainly based on products with excellent comprehensive performance; in the plasticizers, in order to improve the special properties of plastic products, the investment in research and development of lipid plasticizers is accelerated; the antioxidants are compounded. The products are mainly composed; the light stabilizers begin to exhibit high molecular weight, low alkalinity, multi-functionality, reactivity and functional group diversification. Moreover, many new functional additives are constantly emerging.

With the improvement of the quality and performance requirements of plastic products, the development of efficient and versatile plastic additive products has become the investment focus of large companies at home and abroad. For example, antistatic agents, which were mainly used to reduce the surface resistance of plastic products and eliminate static electricity on the surface, are currently being improved in many aspects such as durability, heat resistance, functionality, flame retardancy and transparency, and the varieties have been serialized.

With the gradual improvement of environmental protection regulations, plastic additives that have hidden dangers in environmental protection, such as lead heat stabilizers, will be replaced by plastic additives with good safety and environmental performance and reasonable cost. In particular, some plastic products have to go abroad, and both domestic consumers and export inspections will impose stricter requirements on the green safety standards for plastic products. Therefore, the development of environmentally friendly plastic additives has become a hot spot. For example, flame retardants, which are functional additives that can impart flame retardancy and smoke resistance to plastic products, are generally classified into bromine-based flame retardants, chlorine-based flame retardants, phosphorus-based flame retardants, and inorganic flame retardants. class. With the increasingly strict environmental protection requirements, non-toxic flame retardants have become a hot spot for corporate investment. In particular, on March 1 this year, the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China "Combustion Performance Requirements and Labels for Flame Retardant Products and Components in Public Places" was implemented. The use of flame retardants for plastic products in public places has been followed. This will play a certain role in promoting the development of China's flame retardant industry.

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Sanitary Pipe Fitting Specification:
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â–ª Material: Stainless Steel 304 (1.4301), Stainless Steel 316L(1.4404) etc.
▪ Size Range: 1/2″ to 12″ / DN15 ~ DN300
â–ª Connection Type: Welded, Tri-Clamped, Threaded

Surface Finish:
Mechanically polished and electropolished are available for our products. Outside and Inner surface can be treated complied to specified needs, and to meet FDA, GMP requirement.
Tube and Fittings: Ra0.4, Ra0.6, Ra0.8 or specified ( 180grit, 240grit, 300grit, 400grit, mirror polished, sandblasting finish, brushed finish etc.)
Both outside and inner available.

Quality & Inspection:
â–ª PMI test to verify material grade
â–ª Dimension controlling during fabricating and finished
â–ª Visual and surface 100% examination before shipment
â–ª Packed in carton box firstly, then in wooden case

I-line Fittings

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