Appreciation of ceiling element design style

Ceiling, in short, refers to the decoration of the ceiling and is an important part of the interior decoration. The suspended ceiling has functions of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, and sound absorption. It is also a hidden layer of electrical, ventilation and air conditioning, communication and fire prevention, and alarm pipeline equipment.

Central air-conditioning can be freely combined with various suspended ceilings such as flat, concave and convex, and suspended ceilings to match different home decoration styles. Each design work has its own characteristics.

Central air-conditioning can give homes rich connotation and aesthetic value, not just the embodiment of temperature and humidity. Among these, ceiling design plays a crucial role.

In the home interior design, Daikin home central air conditioning not only brings the atmosphere to the home, but also brings the most comfortable enjoyment to the whole family in terms of function. In actual operation, it is important to remember that the ceiling height of the central air conditioner cannot be ignored. Different installation heights have a great influence on its power consumption and cooling speed.

Founder's ceiling only slightly increases the depth on the side of the window to hide the air-conditioning indoor unit. Green plants and flowers decorate the rooms, and fresh outdoor air is introduced from time to time to bring fresh and lasting health to the room.

The square panel combined with the ceiling of the Quartet increases the clarity of the interior. Unique 3.5-meter floor height to deal with, excellent winter heating performance.
Rattan furniture is full of resort style in Southeast Asia, using high ceilings in a large empty living room, and a powerful free-static air duct indoor unit model.

The air duct living room, dining room and balcony on the aisle ceiling are sturdy and practical.

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