Arc gear pump models and performance parameters

Circular arc gear pump structure is composed of double circular arc gear, arc gear pump was born to meet the needs of industrial pumps development of new products, circular gear pump is a kind of high performance special gear pump, which Products with large flow, high head, small size, self-priming performance, installation, maintenance and other convenience features, but also can be achieved positive and negative pump, out of the oil in accordance with the steering set. Next, we will bring about arc gear pump models and performance parameters related to the introduction of knowledge. Circular arc gear pump model and performance parameters 1, Model: 50YHCB-12/6; Flow: 12; Pressure: 0.6; Degree of vacuum: 7; Out of the caliber: 50; Equipped with the motor model: Y132M2-6; Power: 5.5; 2 , Model: 80YHCB-60/6; Flow rate: 60; Pressure: 0.6; Vacuum degree: 7; Outlet diameter: 80; Equipped with motor model: Y160L-6; Power: 11; 3 Model: 100YHCB-100/4; Flow: 100; Pressure: 0.4; Vacuum: 7; Out of the caliber: 100; Equipped with the motor model: Y200L2-6; Power: 22; 4, Model: 150YHCB-150/4; Flow: 100; Pressure: 0.4; Degree: 7; diameter: 150; with motor model: Y250M-6; power: 37; arc gear pump is suitable for conveying a variety of liquid pump equipment, such as crude oil, diesel, lubricants, gasoline, benzene, etc. , Arc gear pump to achieve such a multi-function value and its rich and colorful models and performance parameters are inseparable, through the above description we can find for arc gear pumps, the different models, mainly through its various parameters Different situations to performance. When users use circular arc gear pump must make a detailed understanding of the relevant performance parameters. This article is copyrighted industry interconnect (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. All are welcome to reprint, please indicate the source and author of: Asian pumps Network (CEO QQ / micro letter: 18,189,528) Editor: Coco (QQ / micro-channel: 97,129,096) starting: http : // (Service Hotline:)

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