Automotive topcoat related introduction

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The automotive topcoat is the last coating in the entire coating of the car. It plays a major role in the overall decoration and protection of the entire coating, which determines the durability and appearance of the coating. Car topcoats can make cars colorful and new.

Automotive topcoats are the outermost layer of the entire paint film, which requires the topcoat to have better performance than the primer. First of all, weather resistance is an important indicator of topcoat. It is required that the topcoat does not change color, does not lose light, does not blister, and does not crack under extreme climatic and humid weather conditions. The appearance of the topcoat after painting is more important, requiring the paint film to have a full appearance, no orange peel, good leveling and good image, so that the car body has high quality coordination and shape. In addition, the topcoat should also have sufficient hardness, stone resistance, chemical resistance, stain resistance and corrosion resistance to maintain the appearance of the car and under various conditions.

With the rapid development of the automotive industry, automotive topcoats have undergone numerous qualitative changes in the past 50 years, both in terms of the base materials used and in terms of color and construction applications. In the 1930s and 1940s, nitro-magnetic lacquer, self-drying alkyd enamel enamel and perchloroethylene phenolic enamel were mainly used. In the 1980s and 1990s, aminoalcoholic enamel, medium-solid polyester enamel, thermoplastic acrylic enamel, thermosetting acrylic enamel were used. And polyurethane enamel, etc., so that the topcoat various mechanical properties, weather resistance, chemical resistance and stain resistance have been significantly improved, thereby greatly improving the protective properties of the topcoat. At the same time, the car finish is gradually diversified in color, making the car look fuller and more attractive. Since the 1990s, in order to implement global and regional environmental protection laws and reduce the emission of volatiles from automotive topcoats, research and exploration and use of waterborne automotive topcoats have begun. At present, some new developed automobile coating lines in western developed countries have adopted Waterborne parking topcoat is basically in the stage of solvent-based automotive topcoat.

As mentioned above, the main type of automotive topcoat is enamel, which generally has vivid colors, good mechanical properties and satisfactory weatherability. Most of the automotive topcoats are high-gloss, and sometimes semi-gloss, vertical paint, etc. are used as needed. The resin base used in the topcoat is basically the same as the primer, but its formulation is quite different. For example, the primer is characterized by high pigment content, easy thickening of the ingredients after premixing, and easy precipitation of the pigment during production and storage. In the production process, the requirements of fineness, color, coating appearance, gloss and weather resistance are more prominent. The fluctuation of raw materials and process will obviously affect the performance of the coating film, and the processing fineness is more strict. .

At present, high-end cars and car bodies mainly use amino resin, alkyd resin, acrylic resin, polyurethane resin, medium-solid polyester and other resins as the base material, and use organic pigments with bright colors and good weather resistance, and inorganic pigments such as titanium white and phthalocyanine. Pigment series, organic red, etc. Chinese and foreign companies must also add additives such as UV absorbers, leveling agents, anti-cratering agents, and resistance modifiers to achieve a more satisfactory appearance and performance.

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