Brief analysis of non-toxic and fouling layers of PE plastic pipes

At present, PE plastic pipes are widely used in drinking water projects. Many customers care about the use of PE plastic pipes. After a long time of use, will there be moss in PE plastic pipes?

From the production process, PE plastic pipe does not add heavy metal salt stabilizer during processing, the material is non-toxic, no fouling layer, so it will not breed bacteria, and PE plastic pipe has good chemical resistance: PE pipe can withstand a variety of Corrosion of chemical media, the presence of chemicals in the soil does not cause any degradation of the pipeline.

Polyethylene is an electrical insulator, so it does not rot, rust or electrochemically corrode; it does not promote the growth of algae, bacteria or fungi. Therefore, moss is absolutely impossible to appear in PE plastic pipes, which is the main reason why the Ministry of Construction vigorously promotes PE plastic pipes.

National Hose thread (NH) couplings, also known as National Standard Thread (NST). It is the most common type of fire hose coupling used in the United States. The male and female straight (non-tapered) threads screw together and the connection is sealed with a gasket.

NH Coupling include brass and aluminum NH couplings

NH couplings were used widely in Canada, USA and South American zone.

Main sizes include 1.5``,2`` and 2.5``.

NH Coupling

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