Coatings market pressure on the paint companies how to survive?

If a person does not have integrity, he cannot stand and develop in society. If the country does not have good faith, then the decline of the country will follow.

People are like this, countries are such, and companies are more so. The special historical background of our country has determined the huge expansion of our population. If we want to live a good life, we must join the competition and press ahead to win. The result is a strong competition among all walks of life. Big companies fight to fight technical strength, small businesses fight price fight service.

Looking at the entire paint industry, the uneven business size, uneven quality of the company, and the lack of effective supervision of the authority, resulting in a series of counterfeiting and counterfeiting violations in certain regions and enterprises. People can not help but feel the chills.

According to the person in charge of Southern Coating South Coatings, a company that wants to establish itself in an industry must win customers with real product quality and sincere attitude.

When Qi Rui paint discovered the problem, the product was shipped. At that time, there were two methods to choose from. One was wrong. The average customer basically could not find the difference between the topcoat and the primer without professional knowledge. . Second, explain the reasons to the customer to acknowledge work mistakes, recall the product, re-painted again to paint, the company lost a great deal. Kang Rui of Qirui Paint did not hesitate to directly order its subordinate managers to apologize to the customer's manufacturers for door-to-door apology, recalling the wrong products, and immediately dispatched the new paint out of the market again to ensure no delay in customer use. Not only did the client not be angry after knowing about the incident, but he was very pleased to be able to do business with such honest companies. Since then, he has given Qi Rui a large number of orders.

The rapid development of the paint industry in recent decades, the market quickly matured from scratch, from small to large. In the early stage of development of the industry, due to low barriers to entry and lucrative profits, the paint industry can be described as a "profit-making industry." With the increase in the number of competitors participating in the market, especially the strong presence of foreign brands, fierce competition in the industry is becoming increasingly apparent. The melee has occupied the mainstream of the market at a certain stage. Today, the paint industry can be said to have entered a “small profit era”. But among the many paint brands that can be known to consumers, are there several others? I am afraid that only Nippon, Dulux and a few other brands. After all, if the paint industry's market competition is likened to a game, although there are many participants, there is only one champion. The author believes that after the era of price war, especially in the context of today's financial crisis, the paint industry is moving towards segmentation and management.

The paint market is a big cake. A single architectural paint can be divided into many categories such as exterior paint, interior wall paint and floor paint. Industrial paints are also classified into automotive paints, marine paints, and coil coatings. If a company strives for perfection and the front is too long, it will be difficult to concentrate on making its own characteristics. In the coatings market, the above-mentioned subdivided areas can produce a lot of first, especially for most SMEs, if you want to compete with the industry giants and there are certain practical difficulties, you may wish to find another way Focus on market segments, integrate their own products, build their own professional products in the professional field, and create a professional status. Such as professional production of furniture paint, specializing in the production of decoration paint. Or specialize in oily and waterborne. In this way, we can establish the characteristics of our own companies and brands, quickly open the gap with competitors, and seize the commanding heights of the market.

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