Distribution of sandstone origin

Sandstone is a kind of sedimentary rock, which is formed by the erosion of water particles on the riverbed by water, and it has been strengthened by thousands of years of accumulation. After the earth's crustal movement, it formed today's mine. The main producing areas of sandstone are Neijiang and Yunnan in Sichuan.

Sichuan sandstone

Sichuan sandstone belongs to mudstone sandstone. Its fine grain and soft texture make it suitable for building decoration materials, especially for carving stone. And because the geological conditions of the mantle in Sichuan are more complicated, there are many varieties of sandstone in Sichuan. The color of Sichuan sandstone can be said to be the most abundant in China, with red, green, gray, white, black, purple, yellow, cyan, etc., very much. However, because the material is relatively soft and the traffic is inconvenient, the mining method of the mining area is also relatively backward. Therefore, the Sichuan sandstone is basically supplied with slats and cannot provide large plates of more than 1 m. However, if the number is small, the mining area may use a circular saw to cut and cut, a small amount of supply, but because the damage rate is higher, the price is more expensive. However, there is a type of sandstone in Sichuan that can be compared to granite. Some sandstones are harder to make fire.

Yunnan sandstone

The Yunnan sandstone is the same as the Sichuan sandstone, and the same grain is fine and the texture is soft. However, because of the different geological and geographical environments, Yunnan sandstone is more beautiful than Sichuan sandstone, and has its own style. The color of Yunnan sandstone is also very rich. Commonly, there are yellow wood sandstone, mountain sandstone and red sandstone. , yellow sandstone, white sandstone and blue sandstone. Because the sandstone industry in Yunnan started earlier, the mining and processing technology is relatively high, and it can supply large plates of more than 1m. However, because the texture of the sandstone is soft, the application will be limited, and the specification plate is generally used.

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