Do you want to install the cabinet to the top?

Expert: Zheng Zaixing, General Manager of Meizhou Rexing Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

The reader "wood man": If the cabinet is loaded to the top, it is likely that the topmost thing can't be taken, and it is inconvenient to step on a stool. If you don't put it to the top, you hope to have more storage space, and worry that the top of the cabinet is easy to fall. How to install it better?

Expert: Whether the cabinet is loaded to the top, it is necessary to analyze the specific situation.

First, if the cabinet is classically styled with lines, from the practical point of view, it is generally necessary to do the top, which is convenient for the owner to clean in the future, and also makes the appearance more harmonious. Now the height of the commercial house is generally about 2.8 meters, the kitchen is about 2.4 meters, combined with ergonomics, the top height of the cabinet is between 2.3-2.4 meters, which is just the height of the ceiling. However, it varies from person to person, and some will adjust accordingly. For example, some owners will adjust the height of the cabinet according to their height, but they are inseparable from practicality; the space of the villa is relatively high, usually we will also combine the actual situation. And space modeling, to make a reasonable practical height.

Second, according to the specifications of the wardrobe sliding door and the healthy lighting of the room lighting, the height of the room wardrobe is reasonably arranged. It is generally recommended to be around 2.5 meters, which is in line with our requirements and will visually make the room look spacious and less crowded. It is recommended to make a secondary light strip on the top of the closet, which can not only close the top of the closet, but also facilitate the owner to use the lighting in the future.

Due to regional differences and habits, coupled with the owner's misunderstanding of storage space and bedroom lighting arrangements, most of the owners now demand that the wardrobe be topped. In fact, this is unreasonable. It is suggested that in this respect, the owners can listen more and communicate with professional designers to avoid inconvenience in actual use in the future. (Source: Meizhou Daily Zhang Xiaomei)

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