Dry battery life cycle

It is required that the product and packaging container be used multiple times in its original form. The principle of recycling is intended to be controlled from the output side, requiring that the produced items be reconverted into usable resources upon completion of their use. Resource recycling reduces the generation of garbage by enabling the recycling of resources.

The whole life cycle of industrial products and the circular economy of circular economy products examine the environmental protection and economy of resource utilization in the whole life cycle of products. That is, from the viewpoint of circular economy, to minimize the pollution of resources when the product is used and after it is scrapped, and to maximize its return to each stage or source of the product life cycle, to supplement only a minimal amount of new resources, and to participate again. New product life cycle. At the same time, in the whole life cycle of the product, it is also necessary to improve the benefits of resources based on the life cycle of the battery recycling and circular economy model research of renewable resources, to reduce the waste of resources. At each stage of the product's life cycle, its output resources should return to its own life cycle or participate in the life cycle of other products, constituting a major economic cycle.

The product life cycle of a dry battery that meets the requirements of the circular economy should be a full life cycle design, that is, not only the use of the product, but also the source of the product, that is, the acquisition of natural resources, and the end of the life of the product. The treatment takes a comprehensive and systematic consideration of all stages of the entire life cycle, minimizing the need for natural resources during the entire life cycle, minimizing pollution to the environment, and maximizing efficiency.


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