Easy ash-covered dust filter bag advantages, filtration principle

1 The use of film dust filter bag filter, dust can not penetrate the filter, is the surface of the filter, regardless of coarse, fine dust, all deposited on the filter surface, that is, by the membrane itself aperture to retain the filtered material, no initial filter period, start Is an effective filter, nearly 100% of the time in the filter. 2 Low-pressure, high-flux continuous operation. Traditional deep filtration media. 3 film dust bag is easy to remove dust and has a long service life.
Filtering principle:
The film-covered dust bag is a surface layer that is laminated to a common filter material and functions as a disposable dust layer. The dust is completely trapped on the surface of the film to achieve surface filtration; the film surface of the dust removal bag is smooth and has excellent chemistry. Stability, no aging, and drowning, so that the dust trapped on the surface is easy to peel off, while increasing the service life of the filter. Nearly 100% of the retained material is trapped. The film-covered filter material becomes an indispensable new material for dust and material filtration and collection as well as precision filtration.

Hand Applied Wrapping Machine

The Hand Applied wrapping machine is a lightweight, low profile pipe wrapping machine that provides a simple way to apply tape coatings on pipelines. It can be used on any pipe 4" or larger and can accommodate tape with a core diameter of 1 1/2 or 3 inches. It can easily be used for either spiral or cigarette wrapping and is designed with separate tension adjustments for tape and release line take-up. This machine should be ordered by the width of the tape and not the diameter of the pipe.


· Hand Applied Wrapping Machine

· Applies tape coatings on pipelines

· Separate tension adjustments for tape and release line take-up

· Will accommodate tape with 1-1/2" or 3" core diameters

· Ideal for both spiral and cigarette wrapping

· It can be used on any pipe 4" and Larger

· Very low profile, requires less clearance

· Lightweight construction

· Easy to operate

· Order these machines by the width of your tape roll – NOT the diameter of the pipe:

· 2"-6" tape roll width

· 6"-12" tape roll width

· 12"-18" tape roll width

Weight: 10 kg per pcs

Operation: at least 2 people


Anti-corrosion Tape Wrapping Machine

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