Five big coffees talk about smart homes: What is more important than making money?

The "Smart Home" series of salons of the "Internet of Everything and Everything" Internet of Things, jointly organized by the People's Network Finance Research Institute and the media i investment, was held on July 15th at the Huafu Club, 8 Jinyun Road, Beijing. This salon will conduct in-depth research on industry hotspots and development trends, and strive to explore the market prospects of smart homes for related companies, industries and investors. The guests attended the innovation initiatives of traditional home appliance enterprises at home and abroad, and explored the layout and transformation of traditional home appliance enterprises in smart homes.

Smart homes don't have to be big and full

Xiaoqi, Director of Xiaomi Smart Home Market, shared his experience and opinions. “All of Xiaomi's products include smart home products. Each function is proposed by the user. Anyone can give us product suggestions or experience, and we may adopt it.” Li Qi believes that everyone can enjoy technology. The fun, play with smart homes together and promote industry development. Li Qi said that smart homes don't have to be big and complete, but to find a few points to satisfy users, so that the cost can be reduced. This is the logic of doing the whole smart home.

Mao Hongjian, an expert in smart home technology research at Midea Group Innovation Center, also said that smart homes are most valuable to users, one is the home LAN, and the other is between devices and devices. The mobile APP is not a must for a truly smart home. It is just a transitional phase of smart gadgets in the early stages of development.

He said that Midea's construction of smart home is divided into five stages. The first stage is to make the basic platform and the intelligence of the single product. The second phase began to make the home network and home improvement facilities intelligent. The third stage is the construction of an open platform. The fourth phase begins to do perception and modeling. The fifth stage is to make the whole system intelligent and adaptive and self-learning.

Household items will be cheaper in the future

Li Xingbin, president of Philippine Company, said that now I go to the offline store to buy furniture and go to the store of the special tall. In fact, most people still think that the price is high. After two or three years, through the influence of the Internet, we can imagine that Maybe the same furniture we buy at half the price, who depends on this? By relying on a group of Internet companies like ours to do the Internet platform, the closest group and manufacturers from the C side are directly connected.

He pointed out that the smart home is half of the home appliance half of the home, and its application scenario is in everyone's home. What we do is to give the goods to the consumers in the cheapest way and in the most convenient way. The trend in China's home furnishing market is that household items such as beds, TV cabinets, etc., will be half the price now, which will be achieved by improving the circulation of homes.

Industry standards are a natural process

Zhang Jianning, secretary-general of the Zhongguancun Internet of Things Industry Alliance, said that the standard of smart home itself is very early. The initial idea is to start from the standard, but this road is a failure, and the first big and full-top design routine It is a failure. Now look at the single item connected to the cloud, and then the back end connects everyone. In the past, I only recognized the agreement on the Internet. As long as everyone is connected, no matter who's standard, as long as we can talk to each other, we can connect, so the standard is not so important for the smart home. Excessive.

Li Xingbin also said that the first goal is that each enterprise meets the requirements of consumers, so that all the equipment that can be done can be strung together, and then the standard naturally comes out at a certain moment. It is still natural, the standard is not in a hurry, no alliance or The government will lead, but at a certain moment the government will come up, but the premise is to do your own thing well.

Mao Hongjian said that the current strength of the pattern of the impact on the future development standards of smart homes, the first pattern of power is the operating system's masters and smart hardware predators, Microsoft, Google, Apple. The second power is like Xiaomi. The third category is the Home Appliances Association and the Home Appliances Research Institute. These official organizations are actually taking the lead in establishing common specifications, such as the interoperability instruction set. Who will be the last winner of these three forces? This is not important, the key is that everyone will eventually do one thing and let it interoperate, so this is a typical user thinking.

User demand always ranks first

In the forum session, when asked about “If you sort user requirements, product prices, ease of operation, and stability of products”, several experts at the conference ranked the user's needs first.

Li Qi said that it is true from the user's point of view, because Xiaomi wants to be popularized, this is also the user's demand. In fact, he also hopes that such innovative things can be bought at a cheaper price, because after all, it is not a very traditional product, then this A very innovative thing, or something that has a certain threshold, we hope to satisfy him at a price that can pass this threshold. He will say that it costs 149 yuan or spends more than 200 yuan or spends tens of dollars to experience this thing. In fact, we are walking faster than others on this road, so the order is basically the same, user needs, stability, convenience, and price.

The wit cloud CEO Huang Zhuo also said that in fact, these dimensions may be optimized at the same time, like Xiaomi will optimize several dimensions. But there are also companies that choose to sell something expensive, like Tesla, so some niche products can be sold more expensive. User demand, the first is definitely demand, no need to talk about other needs. User experience, if you choose between the price and the price, first experience the user, because early adopters may be willing to pay more. And the product line has a mature period, the earliest is certainly not reliable, then it is invaluable to invest money in research and development, like cola sold to a global consumption of 50 billion cola a year, then you can only sell this cola so cheap, video I was immature the first five years ago, and now I am very mature and can be sold cheaply. I will optimize the experience and optimize the price first. This is for sure.

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