Google will restart the smart glasses business to expand into a full range of wearable devices

In the early part of this year, Google officially stopped accepting orders for Google Glass. In addition, it also closed the "Explorer" software development project. The media interpreted it as a failure of Google Glass, but Google Glass will not disappear completely. The latest news shows that Google will reopen the smart glasses business.

According to reports, although Google said at the beginning of the year to stop the retail sales of Google glasses sales, but in the future Google Glass will return to our sights in another form. According to Business Insider, Google currently posted some job postings on its official website, and Google Glass will soon return to our sights. And the return of Google Glass will not only be a head-mounted device, but also the entire range of wearable products.

From the recruitment information point of view, Google lists "list of smart glasses and other related products", including anthropometry, ergonomics, human mechanics of biomechanics, and audio hardware engineers. It seems that the future of Google Glass will be a smarter wearable device, and even become a direct competitor of Microsoft HoloLens.

At present, Google Glass has been assigned to the team of Nest founder and iPod designer Tony Fadell for research and development, and Google hopes that Tony's team will bring more aesthetic design ideas to Google Glass, rather than being too full as before. A sense of geek.

At the moment, we don't have more specific news about the new generation of Google glasses, but at the I/O Developers Conference at the end of this month, Google is likely to reveal more information, and friends who still have a strong interest in Google Glass. We can pay close attention to it.

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