Hard water cannot be used to dilute pesticides

Hard water is water containing high concentrations of minerals, especially high concentrations of calcium and magnesium. Hard water is harmless to the human body, but it can cause problems in industry. The industry often monitors the hardness of water in order to avoid the failure of minerals to deposit scale in boilers, cooling towers or other facilities that treat water. In normal life, hard water can make soap and toothpaste unable to foam in water. The salt content in water is usually expressed in terms of hardness.
Hard water cannot dilute pesticides. This is because hard water contains more water such as calcium and magnesium, and the hardness is generally 18 to 20 degrees. If the pesticide is diluted with water, the calcium, magnesium and other substances contained in the water can reduce the suspension rate of the wettable agent or the emulsifier in the emulsifiable concentrate to synthesize the calcium and magnesium precipitate, thereby destroying the emulsification performance of the emulsifiable concentrate, which not only reduces the prevention and control of the pesticide. The effect, but also the phytotoxicity.
Therefore, “hard water” cannot be used when diluting pesticides. More pesticide dilution issues, please pay attention to China's pesticide network !

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