Hardware lock development needs to be market-oriented

Hardware locks need to be market-oriented

In recent years, with the vigorous development of China's hardware market, the lock market has also declined and the overall capacity of the Shangyu lock market has now reached 70 billion, while Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai, and Shandong are the main focus of lock manufacturers. The lock market has become more and more characteristic. The unique feature here is the development model of industrial clusters. There are a large number of enterprise-based locks in the cluster and the overall output of the enterprise is large. The growth of the cluster lock market is strong. The sales volume is high, the export growth rate is high, and imports are high. The speed is also growing, and the international market share of the high-end market in the lock industry is also increasing.

After decades of reform and opening up, China's traditional and emerging industry has accelerated its evolution to modern manufacturing. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2012, China's lock industry has already achieved an annual output value of 60 billion yuan. *** China is already the world’s No. 1 lock nation.

Judging from the development quality, there are still significant gaps in the lock hardware industry including product quality, R&D and design capabilities, independent brand and marketing channel construction, total factor productivity, and international competitiveness. China's lock companies should continuously enhance their independent innovation capabilities, high-end manufacturing capabilities, marketing capabilities, and brand influence to promote China's transformation from a lock manufacturing giant to a manufacturing powerhouse.

At present, the country's annual sales of locks can reach as much as 2.2 billion, and only the fingerprint lock can be used in the commercial market of 5 million sets per year. For example, it can be used for corporate finance, military police, and office life. At the same time, the demand for the civil market is also growing. Whether it is traditional mechanical locks or modern electronic locks, or even access locks in high-rise buildings, the Chinese lock industry as a whole is developing with a strong momentum.

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