High-end furniture counters traditional market enterprises how to win steady

“Why do Chinese people love luxury goods, but they don’t pay attention to high-end furniture?” This is a question that many foreign brands made a few years ago. It is reported that China has a population of more than 1.3 billion, and about 75 million people are active in luxury consumption. More people are willing to pay high prices for high-end watches, fine accessories, luxury bags, but few people are willing to spend money on furniture. . Nowadays, like luxury consumption, the domestic high-end furniture market is slowly developing.

Increased demand in the furniture market

As the living standards of materials continue to increase, people are paying more and more attention to furniture decoration. More and more people are trying to show their attitudes and styles through the decoration of their homes. The furniture, as the facade of the home decoration, conveys the design style and level of the entire house. Good quality, healthy and environmentally friendly furniture always makes people happy. Today's furniture brands are cumbersome and complex, but the real quality assurance is very rare. Facing the ebb and flow of the timber market in the furniture industry, the competition of furniture brands is extremely fierce.

High-end furniture selection needs to be developed simultaneously

If you follow the footsteps of the market blindly, it is likely to be swept away by the torrent of the market. Enterprises will eventually fall into crisis, choose to follow the trend, or break through the self in adversity. Only then can they not be afraid of danger and let the enterprise develop. Especially in the furniture industry, it is especially important in the selection of furniture raw materials.

Innovation beyond quality is also very worthy of consumer attention. The same furniture has long made consumers feel the sense of aesthetic fatigue. At this time, the heavy woody feeling is thrown away, and the simple and low-key texture is used. The furniture that tells the elegant style can be quite popular among consumers. In order to have such innovation, high-quality wood processing equipment is also indispensable. Only when external forces and internal forces are integrated with each other can the products created truly occupy the market. If the raw material market is unpredictable and ups and downs, starting from itself, maintaining a brand that continues to improve in quality can be successful.

High-end furniture is designed as a highlight

The times continue to develop, the economic level has increased, people have become rich, and they have begun to dismiss the same design and pursue more unique designs. In the past, the design of the furniture industry used habits to define high-end furniture with the words “luxury, retro”. It is reported that: "More consumers will prefer furniture with a strong sense of design when choosing high-end furniture." "Enterprises should go out of the design dead end on the road to the development of high-end furniture, and introduce new and more unique furniture." A senior employee of Jiuzheng Building Materials Network suggested this.

Although the current market demand for high-end furniture is very large, but the market is ruthless, will not allow the shoddy furniture to survive in the market because of the large demand, only companies that focus on material selection and design, it is possible to gain a firm foothold.

Global hardware network

Concerned about surprises

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