Home surveillance cameras have the following five features

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1. Remote real-time monitoring

Users can use the monitoring client software to watch remote monitoring videos in real time via the Internet. The monitoring client software can be installed on computers and smartphones.

2. Remote alarm and remote withdrawal prevention

The wireless camera of the home video surveillance system can obtain images within a range of 15 meters, and its video analysis function can send alarm information to the user's mobile phone and client software in the first time. The user can use the computer or mobile client software to remotely and conveniently manage and disarm the monitoring site.

Home surveillance camera

3. Network storage image

The home wireless video surveillance system is capable of saving surveillance video over the network. In the state of no alarm or disarming, the video of the monitoring place can be saved on the network hard disk at a set time interval; in the case of an alarm, the image can be continuously saved on the network hard disk until the alarm is released. The user can watch the surveillance video playback through the client software at any time.

4. With night vision, pan/tilt control and other functions

Choose a wireless camera with infrared night vision to shoot normally in a light-free environment. If you use a 360-degree rotating pan/tilt, you can also greatly expand the monitoring range to avoid monitoring dead angles, so that one camera can achieve the effect of multiple cameras.

5. Mobile interactive monitoring function

Mobile phones are the most mobile monitoring tools. Powerful monitoring client software can be installed on smartphones, while ordinary non-smart phones can use the browser on the phone to conveniently view real-time and historical surveillance images. When an alarm occurs, the phone will receive a text message with a link to the monitored image, and the user can open the monitoring image directly in the text message. Users who are not accustomed to using the mobile browser can also send text messages to the service number. The system automatically responds to the text message of the current image link. The user can open the monitoring image in the short message, and can also use the mobile phone short message to perform the operation of removing the defense.

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