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Now people's work is very busy, and they do not understand the decoration things, so they often turn decoration things to the decoration company to take care of. In order to ensure the quality of the house, everyone should accept and accept the house where the renovation is completed. After the acceptance is complete, there is no problem and the remaining balance will be paid. Then what are the notices for house decoration acceptance ? The following article will explain this issue and everyone in detail, hoping to help those in need.

House decoration acceptance considerations:

First of all, we should test the walls. Everyone should carefully check whether there is color difference on the wall and whether it is even and smooth. Everyone can use the method of visual inspection to check whether the color of the wall is even; check the leveling and cracking of the wall by hand, especially check the load-bearing wall and the floor to see if there are heavy cracks or penetrating cracks. If more precise inspections are needed, use high-wattage bulbs (200W) in the evening and put them on the wall. The situation of the walls will become clearer.

House decoration acceptance notice two

Then we need to inspect the ground. Nowadays, people usually use wood floors or ceramic tiles to decorate the ground. When we accept the ground decoration, we must first observe the light at a distance of two meters away from the ground, whether the color of the ground is uniform, and whether there is chromatic aberration or scraping. Traces, check the brick surface for abnormal pollution, such as cement, paint, etc. Then check the surface with hands and see if there are cracks, cracks, and breakages. Pay attention to the inspection of the ground, you must be able to accurately test the light conditions, generally choose to check the best daylight conditions.

House decoration acceptance notice three

Then the acceptance of the waterway is required. The waterway inspection is of great significance and relates to the safety of drinking water. Everyone should check whether the hot water and the reclaimed water are available, and whether there is any wrong pipe. In addition, check the position of the water meter, which should be at the water outlet of the kitchen or bathroom. In addition, the material of the water pipe is directly related to life and must be determined as a qualified material designated by the country. If the water pipe material is too bad, it is easy to leak water later. The best water pipe material is copper pipe, but at present, there are not many projects using copper pipe in Beijing; PPR pipes imported from Germany are also good.

House decoration acceptance notice four

The next step is to check the circuit. The circuit is related to the safety of home life. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to checking every detail. Everybody should pay attention to observing whether the leakage protection switch of the distribution box has lighting. Ordinary sockets, high-power sockets, etc. have a clear shunt. The installation of the panel switch is smooth. At the same time, it is also necessary to test whether the switch is effective.

House decoration acceptance notice five

If you have a ceiling in your home, you have to check the ceiling. We generally can only see the ceiling after the renovation, but can not see the structure of the ceiling. I teach everyone a way: We can judge from the observation window from the ceiling. We can use light-gauge steel in accordance with relevant regulations. The previously used wooden keels themselves contain water, which may have contraction changes in the four seasons, especially after heating in winter, and have been eliminated. The performance of the light steel keel is very stable and the service life is relatively long.

The article is summarized: The above is related to housing decoration acceptance notes related to sharing, for everyone to be a reference! For more relevant knowledge on acceptance, please pay attention to this site, or you can visit this site offline direct experience!

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