How 3D printing is applied in the field of machine tool holders

Tool holders are an important component on metal cutting machines. Among them, non-standard tool holders have the characteristics of less demand and complex geometry, which is the advantage of 3D printing. Therefore, the application of this technology in the field of tool holders can be said to be developing in the depth direction.

Marpa Company has created a complex spiral cooling channel for the QTD series of tools through 3D printing technology, which improves the heat transfer capacity of the coolant to the top of the drill bit. This 3D printing drill has a longer life and faster operation than previous conventional drills.

3D printing tools The diameter of such internal cooling tools is usually not too large. Before using 3D printing, Marpa's minimum can only be 13mm, and now with the help of ConceptLaser's laser-melted 3D printing technology, they have reduced this number to 8mm, while the maximum value is 32.75mm.

The hydraulic shank has a large clamping force, which helps to improve the precision and reliability of the machining process. However, there are usually defects of poor heat resistance, and the metal cutting process has higher and higher speed requirements. Heat has become a major problem that needs to be addressed. Marpa has been working on related solutions since 2009. Now, with ConceptLaser's laser-melted 3D printing technology, they have finally found the right solution – through the use of special steel-based metal powders and redesigns, they have greatly improved the thermal conductivity of the new tool holders, thereby increasing their heat resistance. .

Fixtures Well-known Belgian 3D printing service provider Materialise is working with Schönk to develop fixtures for clamping workpieces on machine tools. They have teamed up to launch SCHUNKegrip's free online platform, allowing users to create fixture manufacturing programs in a few simple steps through a browser. After that, the user only needs to upload the STEP or STL file of the product to be processed and related data such as weight, fixture base, mounting direction, position and part of the clamp, the application will automatically generate an optimized design and give the price and Delivery information. These fixtures are then manufactured in just a few days by Streamics3D's laser-sintered polyamide process.

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