How can consumers buy the floor without being easily fooled?

In the home improvement, the choice of wooden floor is a very important project. However, the products sold on the market are not well-balanced, and many merchants do not regulate their sales behavior. As a consumer, how should we buy wooden flooring? What should we pay attention to when buying wooden flooring? There is also formaldehyde emission and wear resistance. How should the indicators be identified? Such problems may be encountered by all consumers during the renovation process.

Consumers told reporters that we learned that formaldehyde was not as terrible as propaganda. Formaldehyde has always been closely related to our daily lives. Even in logs and tap water, formaldehyde is contained, so it will not be misled by some so-called environmental protection “gimmicks”. For “glue-free”, we have always thought that it is beneficial to protect the environment without rubber. However, through the introduction, we thoroughly understand that some glues have no harmful substances, so there is no need to sacrifice the quality of the floor covering for “free glue”.

The knowledge of floor wear resistance, we recognize that the floor wear is only one of the indicators of the floor performance, "the floor wear is not as durable as the floor", the so-called high wear resistance of the merchant is completely an excessive waste behavior.

Through the introduction of the floor experts, we learned the principle of the lock, and also saw how the technological advancement is reflected step by step in the flooring industry from the development of the lock. At the same time, we also learned some misunderstandings about the lock, such as: lock Whether the buckle combination is tight and the number of the buckle is irrelevant.

The flooring industry has always emphasized the "three-point floor 7-point installation", so consumers must pay special attention to the floor installation service and after-sales service. Many consumers said that through this understanding of the basic knowledge of laminate flooring, it is no longer easy to be fooled in the consumption process.

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