How to choose energy-efficient and economical LED lamps?

I always feel that incandescent bulbs that have been used for many years are very safe. I don’t know if the bulb of the incandescent lamp is broken when it is lit, although the filament is burned immediately, but one lamp foot is with 220V voltage. Is it dangerous? Fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps are gas-fired and excited by electricity. Once the tube is broken, the mercury vapor is toxic and it is dangerous to be inhaled into the nostrils. So is the LED light without these dangers? Not necessarily. Usually, the lamp body of the LED bulb is made of aluminum, and the aluminum is an excellent conductor. If there is a problem with the insulation of the driving power supply installed in the lamp body, it is possible to introduce the mains into the aluminum lamp body, and the human hand will touch the electric shock! Recently, there are world famous LED bulbs in the European market. From (such) accident reports, dealers and distributors have taken measures to withdraw the market from the product. Excellent manufacturers have already taken into account such problems when designing high-quality bulbs. Insulated ceramic bodies are used to make the lamp body, thus eliminating the cause of such electric shock accidents. Because the thermal conductivity of ceramic materials is not comparable to that of aluminum materials, the design uses strong measures of high-efficiency heat conduction, so that the overall heat conduction effect is not reduced, but is superior to the heat conduction effect of conventional aluminum LED lamps. This design has achieved the best of both worlds.

Buy a lamp to buy lumens and not buy wattage.

Seeing the lumens to buy a lamp is known to be affordable or wasteful. The advent of LED lamps has changed the pursuit of buying lighting. If you still look at the wattage to buy a light bulb, you have to be OUT.

Generally, the brighter the light source, the larger the luminous flux; and the unit that measures the luminous flux is called lumen (lm). Similarly, the brighter the light source, the larger the lumen number. But because the luminous efficiency of incandescent lamps is almost the same, the power consumption (wattage) of incandescent lamps of the same brightness is similar, so buying lumens can simply agree with buying wattage, so everyone is used to it, look at the wattage to buy lights. It has become a customary consumption habit.

Now, we have entered the era of LED energy-saving lamps. With the improvement of LED light-emitting diode manufacturing technology, the light efficiency will continue to increase under the same power. Therefore, the same wattage bulb, LED bulbs will be much brighter than traditional incandescent lamps. It is worth noting that, with the same wattage, the brightness between LED bulbs can vary widely. Since the luminous efficiency (lm/W) of the LED bulb depends on various factors such as the luminous efficiency of the light emitting chip, the conversion efficiency of the driving power source, the heat dissipation effect on the illuminant, and the light transmission efficiency of the glass bulb. Therefore, LED lamps designed and manufactured with different materials and different technical solutions have far different lumens (that is, brightness) although the power consumption (wattage) is the same.

Assuming a 30 square meter living room with a required luminous flux of 3000 lm, consumers can purchase 200W incandescent lamps, or 50W fluorescent lamps, or 43W low-efficiency LED lamps, or 27W high-efficiency LED lamps. Although the wattage is different, their final lighting effects are similar. If you choose a low wattage LED light under the same lumen parameters, congratulations, this wise choice saves more than 37% of the electricity bill at home. In this way, using lumens as the parameter standard and then referring to the wattage comparison, you can always buy efficient, energy-saving and economical lamps!

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