How to clean and maintain crystal lamps

The decoration of the Love Nest has finally been completed, but maintenance and maintenance in daily life is also a very important job. The following small series teaches you how to clean and maintain the crystal lamp.

How to clean and maintain crystal lamps

1. Wipe the crystal beads: When rubbing the beads, be sure to have a soft cloth dipped in the diluted water of the detergent, gently wipe the front side of the crystal beads at the same time (when wiping, do not pinch the beads to pull down, so as not to break the beads string).

2. Maintain the balance of the rose: If you want to remove all the beads, clean the large lamps, pay attention to the balance of the roses when you remove the beads, do not remove the side and then remove the other side to cause the slope of the rose, resulting in rose or outside The frame is deformed; it should be removed before and after.

3. Wipe bracket accessories: When wiping the brackets and accessories, do not touch the water with soft cloth, especially alcohol, so as not to damage the protective film outside the plating layer and affect the surface gloss effect of the lamp holder.

4. Pay attention to safety: When wiping the lamp holder, cut off the power supply; the bulb should be removed and wiped clean before being installed; the bulb should be moderate when it is screwed in, too loose to cause poor contact; too tight may screw the bulb, think Crystal lamps make the most of their effects. It is best to choose a regular transparent bulb instead of a matte or colored bulb.

5. Replace the accessories at the right time: find the connection buckle of the beaded rust and discoloration, one is not beautiful, the second is easy to be brittle, it is best to change it by the way; if the bead string is found, it should be filled in time.  

Welding nut is a kind of nut which is suitable for welding outside the nut. It is usually made of weldable material and is thicker and more suitable for welding. Welding is equivalent to turning two separators into a whole. The metal is melted at high temperature and then mixed together for cooling. The alloy is added in the middle. The internal force is the effect of molecular force and the strength is generally ratio. Maternal strength.

Production process editor
The welding nut is a fastener with internal threads used in conjunction with bolts. A mechanical part that has internal thread and is used in conjunction with a screw to transmit motion or power.
Standard editors
GB GB (GB/T), German standard (DIN), British Standard (BS), Japanese standard (JB)
Editor of merits and faults
Welding, strength is relatively large, and the use of a wide range of thin and thick can be, but due to high temperature will lead to deformation of the joints, and can not be disassembled, and some active metals can not be welded in the usual way, such as aluminum, magnesium, etc., need to shield gas or argon arc welding, require processing technology and precision.

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