How to effectively and conveniently maintain the decanter centrifuge

1. Under normal use, the bag type coarse filter should be replaced once every 7 to 9 weeks, and if it is a sub-high filter, it needs to be replaced in 5 to 6 months.

Second, when assembling the horizontal screw centrifuge, it is not allowed to open the package. When handling, pay attention to light and light protection. It is strictly forbidden to have a violent impact.

3. If the corrugated board is used for vertical assembly of the decanter centrifuge, then the corrugated board must be vertically on the ground, and the connection between the vertical direction and the frame is not allowed to be deformed or broken. After that, it is necessary to ensure that the inner wall of the pipe is free of impurities such as oil and floating dust.

Fourth, every 1-2 months need to replace the filter material for cleaning, you can add detergent in the water, then put the filter material into the soaking, then rinse and finally dry it, you can replace it again, but after flushing up to two times In order to ensure the effect of the filter, it still needs to be replaced with a new one.

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Label: How to effectively and conveniently maintain the horizontal screw centrifuge

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Niobium Metals, plate, bar, wire, tube, target 
Purity 99.95% min. 
Density 8.6 g/cc 
SGS certificate

Niobium belongs to the group of refractory metals. Refractory metals are metals that have a higher melting point than platinum (1 772 °C). In refractory metals, the energy binding the individual atoms together is particularly high. Refractory metals have a high melting pointcoupled with a low vapor pressure, high modulus of elasticity and high thermal stability. Refractory metals are also characterized by a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Compared to other refractory metals, niobium has a relatively low density of only 8.6 g/cm3


Niobium is located in the same period as Molybdenum in the periodic table. Its density and melting point are therefore comparable to those of molybdenum. In the same way as Tantalum, niobium is prone to hydrogen embrittlement. The heat treatment of niobium therefore takes place in a high vacuum and not in a hydrogen atmosphere. Both niobium and tantalum also offer a high level of resistance against all acids and good formability.


At -263.95 °C, niobium has the highest transition temperature of all elements. Below this temperature, niobium is superconducting. And what is more, niobium boasts a very special range of properties:



Atomic number


Atomic mass


Melting point

2 468 Â°C / 2 741 K

Boiling point

4 900 °C / 5 173 K

Atomic volume

1.80 Â·  10-29 [m3]

Vapor pressure

at 1 800 °C

5 Â· 10-6 [Pa]

at 2 200 °C

4 Â· 10-3 [Pa]

Density at 20 °C

8.55 [g/cm3]

Crystal structure

body-centered cubic

Lattice constant

329.4 · 10-12 [m]

Hardness at 20 °C


110 - 180 [HV10]


60 - 110 [HV10]

Modulus of elasticity at 20 °C

104 [GPa]

Poisson number


Coefficient of linear thermal expansion at 20 °C

7.1 · 10-6 [m/(m·K)]

Thermal conductivity at 20 °C

52 [W/(m·K)]

Specific heat at 20 °C

0.27 [J/(g·K)]

Electrical conductivity at 20 °C

7 · 10-6 [1/(Ω·m)]

Specific electrical resistance at 20 °C

0.14 [(Ω·mm2)/m]

Sound speed at 20 °C

Longitudinal wave

4 920 [m/s]

Transverse wave

2 100 [m/s]

Electron work function

4.36 [eV]

Capture cross-section for thermal neutrons

1.15 · 10-28 [m2]

Recrystallization temperature (annealing time:1 hour)

850 - 1 300 [ °C]

Superconductivity (transition temperature)

< -263.95 °C / < 9.2 K


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