How to increase the service life of the cable?

After a few years of rapid development, China's mining cables have formed a considerable scale, but due to the fact that the production capacity is greater than the demand, there is a situation where supply exceeds demand. The production capacity has greatly exceeded the forecasted demand value for this year. At the same time, the wire and cable companies are all facing issues that urgently need to increase the technological content of products.

1. Low-level redundant construction In recent years, the wire and cable industry has not paid enough attention to the adjustment of product structure, and the product structure is still in conflict. High-level products cannot meet the needs. For example, from the perspective of major categories, China’s bare wire production accounts for nearly 1/5, and developed countries only account for 1/10. In bare wires, overhead lines and common ACSRs account for the vast majority.

2. Low economic benefits More than 700 loss-making enterprises in the whole industry have lost 1/4 of the total loss. The industry's sales income tax rate was 11.7% in 1991 and 5% in 1995. As the efficiency has declined year after year, the number of loss-making enterprises has increased and the funds in the industry are generally tight. The average debt-to-equity ratio is as high as 70%.

3. The scale has grown too fast, and the overall capacity of the wire and cable industry is more than double the demand. The forecasted demand of each major product in 2000 is less than the production capacity.

Mining cable

In the course of use, the local bending radius of the shearer cable is much smaller than the bending radius of the standard cable. The cable is frequently subjected to the combined effects of excessive bending, stretching, and other stress for a long period of time. In addition, the cross section of the core conductor is controlled. It is much smaller than the cross-section of the conductor of the main cable core, resulting in the broken core of the control core.

1. Increase the flexibility of shearer cables used in coal mines;

2. Increase the relative slippage of the control wire core;

3. Increase the strength of shearer cable conductors for coal mines;

4, the conductor from the original bundle of twisted structure was changed to a normal twisted, so that it can increase its bending performance, and then wire braided outside the conductor, and increase its strength;

5, the control core can use tinned copper wire and wire braid weaving, is also a good method.

Many different species of wood are fabricated into Wood Flooring in two primary forms: plank and parquet. Hardwoods are typically much more durable than softwoods. Reclaimed lumber has a unique appearance and is used in green building. Engineered hardwood has a thin solid wood layer on top with a composite core. It can be a less expensive option than buying hardwood.

Luli Group Co., Ltd, the company goal is to provide high-quality Flooring and environmentally-friendly products. We also use OSB because of its limited consumption of forest greenery.

Wood flooring we have:

1. Solid wood flooring:

Material: Poplar, eucalyptus, red oak, sapele, bintangor, rosewood, Bramante, teak, ribbed birch, black walnut, oak

Size: 910x122x18mm, 910x123x18mm, 910x127x18mm

Face: Uv lacquer 

2. Laminate OSB flooring:

Material: OSB

 Size: 910x122x18mm, 910x123x18mm, 910x127x18mm

 Face/Back: Melamine paper with wear-resisting layer

 Surface type: Soft finish, glossy finish, matte finish and so on

 Glue: MDI( Zero Formaldehyde)



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