How to solve the loose problem of threaded fasteners? List of specific operation methods

Threaded wire sleeve (wire threaded sleeve) is a new type of threaded fastener. It is a spring-like internal and external thread concentric body precisely machined from high-precision diamond-shaped stainless steel wire. The threaded wire set can meet the international standard high-precision internal thread after the product, and its performance is better than the thread formed by tapping.

main application

1 It can be assembled into mechanical parts of metal or non-metal materials (such as light alloy engineering materials such as aluminum and magnesium) to form high-strength, wear-resistant and high-precision standard internal threads.

Typical applications: high-voltage switchgear, hydraulic machinery, welding equipment, tobacco machinery, microwave communications, auto parts, air separation equipment, coal machinery, power machinery, textile chemical fiber machinery.

2 When the thread is processed incorrectly or the damaged internal screw hole is repaired, the threaded thread sleeve (wire thread sleeve) can be used as a repairing means, which can be quickly and effectively repaired.

Typical application: Repair of threaded holes of various important parts after tripping, such as repair of threaded holes in the injection molding machine template.

3 Using the threaded sleeve for metric ←→ inch threaded hole conversion, it is very convenient and fast.

Typical applications: Imported equipment or mechanical inch threads need to be converted to metric threads due to spare parts supply problems.

Eva Deck Pad for Kiteboard Deck Pad and Sup Deck Pad comes in two ways normally. One is full sheet for DIY, the other one is die cutting based on customized design.

The full sheet deck pad can be in 230cm x 90cm or 90cm x 90cm size. Customers can cut the deck pad based on their board size, then simply peel and stick since the Eva Deck Grip we offered it with 3M adhesive. Besides, it can be also used in any other application for traction like boat flooring, yacht flooring and etc.

EVA Deck Pad
Based on the design file customers provide, we can make a mold to die cut the EVA, and you will see the designed pattern after we use the glue to connect different color EVA. AI file or PDF file would be what we need for quotation and production.

EVA Deck Pad

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