Inferior tiles can cause cancer, green building materials, gimmicks

Previously, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine conducted a total of 364 kinds of ceramic tile products produced by 272 enterprises in 8 provinces including Fujian, Shandong, Guangdong, Sichuan and Shaanxi. It was found that 97 products were unqualified. Among them, the most stressful is that the radionuclide in the three tiles is not qualified. Experts say that the radionuclide contained in the tile exceeds the standard, and if it is long-term radiation to the human body, it will increase the chance of cancer.

These three unqualified ceramic tiles, two porcelain polished tiles and polished tiles produced by Guangdong Bohua Ceramics Co., Ltd., and the other is the ceramic tiles of Guangdong Jiamei Ceramics Co., Ltd. The author came to a specialty store that sells Bohua ceramic tiles. The sales staff in the store told the author that they generally do not have stocks in the store. Only samples, buyers are optimistic about the samples to determine the goods, they notify the manufacturers to ship. Now that the two batches are unqualified, they will definitely not enter the two batches of products. At present, no citizens have reported to them the products that have bought this batch of problems.

Another exposed home beauty tile, the author did not find a dealership.

Some environmental signs are fake

For the emergence of carcinogenic tiles in the market, some people were surprised to say that they did not expect tiles to cause cancer. There are still many people who tell the author that everyone now knows to buy environmentally-friendly furniture and building materials, but as long as they walk into the building materials market, they can see that almost all products are under the banner of “green” or “environmental protection”. Which one should I believe? What?

In a decorative city located in Chengdong, the author saw that from ceramic tiles, bathroom products to flooring, paints, cabinets, all kinds of products are almost all under the banner of "green" and "environmental protection", some claim to have antibacterial, antibacterial, Anti-mildew and other effects. There are more than a dozen of these certification marks. When the author asked to check the product's hazardous substance test report, some businesses actually said that the test report was at the headquarters and could not be seen.

The author understands that not long ago, the Environmental Certification Center of the State Environmental Protection Administration once investigated several building materials markets such as Nanjing and Shanghai, and found that a considerable part of the decoration and decoration materials on the market that are known as environmental protection are counterfeit. Experts also introduced that in addition to the internationally accepted ISO14000 environmental system certification, there are currently three types of environmental protection certifications in China: the State Environmental Protection Administration's “China Environmental Labeling” (10-ring) certified products, and the China Quality Certification Center “CQC Quality Environmental Products” certified products. And Zhongcheng Logo Certification (CTC) products.

"Green building materials" is a fool

"In addition, the name of green building materials is even more nonsense. Strictly speaking, China does not have green building materials products, but only environmentally friendly building materials that meet the limited testing standards." A building materials professional told the author.

According to the author's understanding, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and other departments have imposed mandatory implementation of the Ten Standards for the Limitation of Hazardous Substances in Interior Decoration Materials since 2002. This is only the market access standard for building materials and is the minimum quality requirement for production enterprises. , not the requirements of green products. Formaldehyde, benzene and other organic volatiles that are harmful to humans are indispensable ingredients in coatings and adhesives. The standard only limits the content of these ingredients.

China's evaluation and standards for "green building materials" have not yet been introduced. The “green” signs that some merchants have made are hype.

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