Korean sodium ion battery is superior to lithium battery

Korean sodium ion battery is superior to lithium battery

A research team from South Korea recently demonstrated a new type of sodium ion rechargeable battery with normal temperature and high energy density. The sulfur dioxide-based inorganic melt composite catholyte can act as a sodium ion electrolyte and cathode material at the same time.

According to the sum of the catholyte and carbon electrode masses, the new sodium ion battery has a discharge capacity of 153 mAh/g and an operating voltage of 3 volts; the battery pack has excellent charge and discharge performance under high current conditions, and the charge and discharge cycle performance is also Very outstanding, able to exceed 300 times. It is particularly worth noting that the new inorganic liquid electrolyte has the characteristics of flame resistance and self-reconfiguration, which helps accelerate the commercialization of sodium ion rechargeable battery packs.

The researchers constructed a battery pack containing 2032 sodium-sulfur dioxide button cells using a sodium metal anode and a multi-empty carbon cathode. The liquid electrolyte material was a sodium aluminum chloride and sulfur dioxide composite solution. Based on a carbon cathode discharge rate of 0.1 coulomb, the discharge capacity of the cell is approximately 1800 mAh/g (or 4.1 mAH/cm2), which is the value of a conventional commercial lithium-ion battery pack (3-5 mAh/hr. The square centimeter) is basically the same, much better than the previously reported lithium-ion battery and sodium-oxygen battery performance. Even at high current densities of 5 Coulomb discharge, the sodium-sulphur dioxide battery's discharge capacity can reach 897 mAh/g.

However, the energy efficiency between charge and discharge is only about 80%, and this needs further improvement. After several cycles of charge and discharge, the sodium-sulfur dioxide battery pack has a relatively low decay rate of the storage capacity; the energy is exhausted during each discharge process, and the high-coulomnion rate high-current charge and discharge conditions result in storage capacity after 100 cycles. 75% of the new battery pack.

The battery cell chemistry is a highly reversible redox reaction between sulfur dioxide and sodium tetrachloroaluminate, and the complex inorganic electrolyte composed of sodium aluminum chloride and sulfur dioxide ensures the reliability of the sodium-sulphur dioxide battery pack, resulting in a longer The security within the life cycle is also guaranteed.

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