Maoming Petrochemical replaces imported polypropylene development work and then another city

HC Plastics News: Maoming Petrochemical Company replaced the imported polypropylene development work and went to the next city. In mid-August, Maoming Petrochemical Co., Ltd. trial-produced a new product of low warpage and toughness equilibrium homopolymer polypropylene PPH-MM12-S in the No. 2 polypropylene plant, and successfully developed a new product of low warpage and toughness equilibrium homopolymer polypropylene. PPH-MM12-S. The product has the advantages of relatively balanced rigidity and toughness, relatively low product warpage and moderate heat distortion temperature. It is expected to replace the products imported from a Korean company in the market after the launch of the market, and it is used in the field of small household appliance injection molding and modified polypropylene. Downstream manufacturers reduce their dependence on imported products and can obtain a price of about 200-300 yuan/ton higher than the general material.

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Wood Grain Texture Pu Sandwich Panel


Rich selection of textures and colors meet different decoration requirements, giving the city and the buildings a new look.
The PU foam is the most advanced and eco-friendly insulation material in the world. With the help of the back aluminum foil, the thermal preservation effect achieves the best.
The unique structure prevents the heat loss in winter. Meanwhile it reduces the heat of the summer sunshine.
Aceta paintcoat and flurocarbon paint of weather resistance performance are applied on surface of wall panel. It is reserved with superior self-cleaning, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and acid& alkali resistance performance.
Light weight with 3.7Kgs/m2 makes the installation easy.
The installation process is clean and tidy without any noise and dust, construction waste.
Different selections of accessories meet different effects.
High quality and stable performance: Manufactured in CNC automation production line, the product pass rate can reach 99.9% with stable chemical structure and physical structure.

Wood Grain Texture PU Sandwich Panel

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