Multi-use plug is good use of multi-use socket notes

The use of strips is indispensable in every family, and there are certain gaps in the brand, quality, price, style, etc., as well as a multi-purpose strip. This inserted row to meet the needs of different power plug, and it will be integrated in one of the socket, so here we take a look at, the use of good and inserted row inserted row multi-use considerations.

Multi-use plug is good

1. Commonly used multi-purpose plugs that we can use in our daily life. Most of the design styles are rectangular or five-purpose sockets. The inner part of this type of socket is constructed of two pieces of common conductive copper contacts. When the socket is inserted into a single plug, it can normally be used. If two or more plugs are inserted, poor contact and mutual interference will occur.

2. If there are TVs, stereos, and other plugs that will be in use at the same time in the home's plug, this will cause the TV to “click”. The fluorescent screen is bright and fluctuating and the sound emits a strong "click" sound, making the appliance unusable. In addition, when such a multi-purpose socket has a large load, such as an electric furnace, an electric iron, an oven, etc., the plug and the socket are also in contact. Bad and hot, easy to burn plugs, sockets, induced fire.

3. Some square and round simple inserts are even worse in use quality. Then the pressure on the inserts depends on the resilience of the copper itself. If the copper sheet is made of very thin material, it cannot be used. How long will it lose its flexibility? Then there was a sudden change in the power supply of the appliance. Press the plug with your hand and the appliance started to work. The appliance was switched off. Over time, lighter people will shorten the life span of household appliances, and in serious cases, they may cause damage to home appliances. In particular, color TVs, refrigerators, and stereos should be specially noted.

Use multi-insert notes

1. The number of fire incidents caused by a row in our lives can be said to be countless. It also led to the shattering of many families. What is more serious is the death and loss of precious lives. Therefore, when we are using plugs, we must pay attention to its use. If it is used correctly, it will not bring unnecessary trouble if it is properly closed.

2. Under normal circumstances, our home's inserts need to be used regularly. The best way to use them is to insert the row and place them in a fixed socket. For some often moving appliances can use multi-purpose sockets, but it should be used with caution, do not open a variety of appliances at the same time, do not plug the household appliances with high power in the socket with a small rated current value.

3. If there are some specifications and glitches in the home's plug, we do not want to repair it blindly. It is better to ask a professional to replace it. Do your own maintenance, to ensure that the plug and socket, the connection point of the screw is intact, and fixed with a fixed device. If the temperature of the socket is found to be too high or there is a fire, the plug is not in good contact with the socket, and if the plug is inserted too loose or too tight, use it and repair or replace it to ensure personal safety.

Summary: The relevant information on multi-use plugs and bars , as well as the use of multi-purpose plug notes is introduced here, I hope these will help everyone. If there is something that you do not understand, you can pay attention to more content. If you want to learn more about building materials, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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