Pick the five details of the wooden door attention

For the knowledge and understanding of the door, Xiaobian knows that there is a solid wood board material for the fir board. For the choice of the wooden door, it is better to choose from the details. Guangdong GO Jiaju and everyone learn how to choose the wooden door from the details.

1. Look at the edge banding. Because the professional manufacturers use modern machines and equipment, the imported rubber is sealed with high temperature and high pressure. After sealing, the exterior of the room door should be flat and firm.

2. Look at the hardware accessories. The high-quality living room door is also made of high-quality hardware accessories. It can be opened freely when used, without noise, and can withstand tens of thousands of switches without deformation and damage.

3. Looking at the finish, the finish consists of two parts. The material is the type of wood that the door is facing, which determines the background color and texture of the door. Now the door materials on the market mainly include walnut and cherry. Wood, oak, ash, etc.; second, the quality of the finishing, the quality of the paint and the finishing process determine the quality of the finishing of the facade. The high-quality paint and advanced spraying and baking process ensure that each door has a smooth finish and uniform color. The texture is clear.

4. Look at the environmental protection of materials. All raw materials are environmentally friendly materials to produce environmentally friendly products. It is best to have a certificate of environmental protection inspection.

5. Looking at the service, it is also very important for the manufacturer to have its own service system. When the consumer signs the contract, the product delivery, acceptance, quality problem solution during the warranty period should be indicated in the contract by the manufacturer. carry out.

Quality control

Six-step QC runs through process from raw materials to finished products.

From Material control, Machining quality control, In-coming material inspection, Assembly line quality control, 100% Leakage test, Final appearance inspection before delivery.

Quick Details
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Medium Pressure
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Medium Temperature
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Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
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Water system

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