Plastic physics, use, mechanics three comprehensive analysis of 28 technical parameters do you know a few?

Physical properties




Ratio of sample density to water density at a certain temperature

Water absorption

The sample of the specified size is immersed in water of a certain temperature, and the water absorbed after 24 hours will be affected by the size and shape after absorption.


A certain thickness of plastic film at a pressure of one atmosphere, a square meter of air permeability in 24 hours

Moisture permeability

Water vapor transmission to plastic film


Transmittance, the ratio of the luminous flux through an object to the luminous flux incident on the object

Haze or turbidity

The astigmatism in the opposite direction of the incident light is usually translucent to the ratio of all transmitted light, but has diffuse properties to the incident light.

Mechanical properties



Tensile Strength

Tensile force is applied to the sample at the specified test temperature, humidity and tensile speed to determine the maximum load

Compressive strength

Apply compressive force to the sample to break (brittle) or yield

Bending strength

The sample is placed on two fulcrums and a concentrated load is applied to make the sample deform or rupture.

Impact strength

Joules consumed per unit area when the sample is broken by impact

Coefficient of friction

Friction and positive pressure ratio


Mechanical failure process (wear, abrasion) of plastics changing in size during friction


Plastics resist the indentation of other hard objects (Rocks, Shore)


Destroy plastic under a static disruption with a small amount of alternating cycles


Under the fixed temperature and humidity conditions, the plastic will exhibit creep characteristics with time under the action of solid force, and will increase with the load and decrease with the decrease.

Durable strength

The ability of plastics to withstand static loads for long periods of time is characterized by high and low time




Linear expansion coefficient

The temperature rises by 1 degree, and the number of mm of plastic per 1 mm is generally ten times that of steel.

Specific heat

1 gram of plastic required to raise the temperature by 1 degree

Thermal Conductivity

The unit of heat that a unit of area and thickness of plastic can pass is 1% of steel.

Heat resistance

Relationship between temperature and deformation

Glass transition temperature

The temperature at which the plastic is reduced from the melt flowable temperature to the solid state, which is highly brittle.

Embrittlement temperature

When applying pressure to a plastic at a low temperature, it will break under a small deformation.

Melt Index

The amount of plastic that the melt flows through the test hole in 10 minutes at a certain temperature and pressure.


Expressed by the burning rate (the burning length of the sample during the combustion time) and the burning weight loss rate

Withstand voltage

Quickly raise the voltage to the specified value, and the sample will not be broken down for a certain period of time.

Aging resistance

In the process of use, storage and processing of plastics, due to the external factors, the chemical structure is destroyed and the original excellent performance is degraded.

Chemical resistance

Whether plastic is corroded in chemical media

Mold shrinkage

The plastic is molded in the mold, and the shrinkage of the molded product after the cooling is released

Plastic properties - type recommendation table

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      High abrasion resistance


      Low cost to quality ratio

      Urea-formaldehyde, phenolic, polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC

      Compressive strength

      Polyterephthalamide, glass fiber reinforced phenolic, epoxy, melamine, nylon, glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic polyester, polyimide

      Low cost to volume ratio

      PE, PP, urea formaldehyde, phenolic, PS, PVC

      High dielectric constant

      Phenolic, PVC, fluoroplastic, melamine, allyl plastic, nylon, polyparaben, epoxy

      High dielectric strength

      PVC, fluoroplastic, PP, polyphenylene ether, phenolic, thermoplastic polyester, glass reinforced nylon, polyolefin, PE

      High loss factor

      PVC, fluoroplastic, phenolic, thermoplastic polyester, nylon, epoxy, allyl terephthalate, polyurethane

      Good resistance to deformation and deformation

      Thermoset laminate

      High modulus of elasticity

      Melamine, urea formaldehyde, phenolic

      Low modulus of elasticity

      PE, PC, fluoroplastic

      High electrical resistance

      PS, fluoroplastic, PP

      High elongation at break

      PE, PP, silicone, ethyl acrylate

      Low elongation at break

      PES, glass fiber reinforced PC, glass fiber reinforced PP, thermoplastic polyester, polyetherimide, vinyl ester, polyetheretherketone, epoxy, polyimide

      Flexural modulus (rigid)

      PPS, epoxy, glass fiber reinforced phenolic, glass fiber reinforced nylon, polyimide, diallyl terephthalate, etc.

      Bending yield strength

      Glass fiber reinforced polyurethane, epoxy, carbon fiber reinforced nylon, glass fiber reinforced PPS, polyterephthalamide, PEEK, etc.

      Low coefficient of friction

      Fluoroplastic, nylon, polyoxymethylene

      High hardness

      Melamine, glass fiber or cellulose reinforced phenolic, polyimide, epoxy

      High impact strength

      Phenolic, epoxy, PC, aBS

      High moisture resistance

      PE, PP, fluoroplastics, PPS, polyolefins, thermoplastic polyester, polyphenylene ether, PS, PC (glass or carbon fiber reinforced PC)


      PE, silicone, PVC, thermoplastic elastomer, polyurethane, ethyl acetate

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