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A combination of tools to drive by car or bicycle to enjoy the mountains and rivers, rural fields, muddy roads, flying our feelings, this is what you are eager to, you are free to linger on the Boulevard, every piece of land, because of your wading journey As you rotate your wheels, you move forward.

The car is a combination of mechanical parts. The wheels are facing the road. In your journey, there will be anchoring. For example, the car tires, the chain is broken, and the brake line is broken. These phenomena will not necessarily appear on your body. This is an accident after all. However, if it does occur, it will affect your wonderful ride. However, after reading this article, if you are prepared to have enough, how can you be? Such an accident is stumped?

After all, the car is a combination of mechanical parts. Tires also have to face all kinds of road conditions from time to time. Problems are also inevitable. As the saying goes, if a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools and properly Vehicle tools will become our most effective helper in driving.

There are many tools available on the market for us to choose from. The use of tools, for the purposes of travel, is of course designed to be lightweight, portable, easy to use, and versatile. We can see a dazzling array of tools and equipment. We have a big review in their array.

Our travel requirements are a must, and the fewer tools we have to carry and the lighter the weight, the better. Which tools are the necessary tools for road bike trips? Let's start with a simple description.

1, spare tires: one for your car to use the tire 2, Alice tire rod: generally two, can help you smash down the tire, put on a spare inner tube 3, cold patch: at least bring five, this is A product that does not need to be polished or cut. Quickly use 4、cold-glued glue: Help your hand with the flaws on your inner tube. 5. Grind the pieces: Polish your inner tube to make it conform to the bonding conditions. 6. Portable gas pump: let Your wheel will stand up again when it falls. 7. Chain cutter: When you drop the chain, it can help you move forward. 8. Combination tool: It is a multi-function weapon, it is a rare and good helper. We follow the above Eight kinds of tools to explain in detail, first to talk about spare inner tube, when you puncture, you have no spare inner tube, then you can only be bad inner tube that is now tied, and then move on if you use spare Tire you can save a lot of time and strength, replace the inner tube that is tied up, leave it for you to go home or night place to repair, of course, if you are unfortunate, meet the second and third puncture, Going on the road to repair them. When choosing a spare inner tube, you need to pay attention to whether its specifications accord with your bicycle, whether the gas nozzle can match your portable gas pump, different sizes of wheels, tires will have different specifications of the inner tube to be compatible with it, as long as you follow Buying your own bicycle inner tube, you can't be wrong. There are three types of gas nozzles in their form: one is French and the other is English. This type of gas nozzle is the most common one. The ordinary bicycles are such gas nozzles. Equipped with a rubber valve core, the other is the American, that is, we often say the car mouth, different gas nozzles are equipped with different wheels, different gas cylinders, so you must choose the gas nozzle form must also be with your wheels. meets the. Then there is the length of the gas nozzle. Because of the different wheels, the height of the rim is different. This requires different lengths of gas nozzles. In general, the inner tubes that we commonly find in the market are mainly Taiwan's Zhengxin and Jianda tires, and of course, foreign brands such as Michelin. Just select the inner tube that fits your own use.

Alice Alice, why are two? Because when you extrude the tire, the tire and the rim are tightly bound together. You need to use one of them to unscrew the tire and fix it. Next you use the other to continue the work, so that you can smoothly and easily The tire fell down. Alice rods, in general, its superior material engineering plastics, metal (steel) two, engineering plastics have the advantage of light weight, the disadvantage is that there is no metal power; steel Alice tire rod, naturally heavier, but From a power point of view, it is more dominant. The role of Alice Alice is independent, and the following content will introduce an alternative to it.

Cold film, this kind of film is used for cold bonding, so it is called cold film. This is a kind of product that the factory processes well. You can not polish it because it is clean and it doesn't need to be polished. Its structure is divided into three layers. The first layer is protective paper, which acts as a barrier. Before you use it, this paper is used to isolate other foreign objects. After you use it, you do not tear it because It is very effective in isolating the bond between the cold patch and the tire lining. The second layer is the cold patch itself. It keeps itself clean under the protection of the isolation layer. It is also rubber and has a certain elasticity and toughness. The third layer, tin foil, and the first layer of protective paper, its role is to isolate, protect cold film, when used, when you are ready to bond, gently tear off the layer of tin foil Yes.

Cold glue is used to bond your cold film and inner tube of the wounded area. Usually when you purchase the cold repair film, it is included in the box. After you use it, it can also be purchased separately. Generally, they are aluminum tubular structures that need attention when carrying, and cannot be squeezed excessively. If leakage occurs, it is a bad thing. When used, squeeze the appropriate amount of glue according to the size of the polished area, and then wipe it with a clean finger. After waiting for drying, the third layer of tin foil of the cold repair film can be peeled off to evenly bond it. In the inner tube of the wound.

Grinding tablets, the role is to polish your inner tire to the degree of suitable for bonding, there are generally two kinds, one is ordinary coarse sandpaper, the other is steel, of course, in order to use more convenient, you can choose to make , Fix the steel grinding piece on a certain good object, for example: wood block.

Although the portable gas pump is portable, it can be fully capable of performing adequate work as long as it is used properly. The portable gas cylinders generally have all-compatible functions, that is, they can deal with American and French gas nozzles. Their conversion forms are push-pull type and exchangeable type. Common brands include Zefal of France and Sigma of Germany. Material is mainly in the cylinder body, there are two kinds of engineering plastics and aluminum alloys. Inflatable methods include foot-type and hand-style, you can choose according to their own preferences. The fixing method of the portable gas cylinders is mostly the side of the bottle cage supporting the clamps, but also directly fixed on the frame, the latest models are also used to use rubber straps fixed.

Chain cutters, the role is to open your chain, of course, can also be installed. The key to the choice is the ejector pin, because when used, the ejector bears a great deal of strength and needs to have sufficient hardness and toughness. The general choices are Taiwan LIFU, Japanese SHIMANO, and American PARKTOOL.

The combination tool, which is a multi-functional tool, combines many gadget functions into one, greatly reducing the cumbersomeness and making it more portable, so it is a rare weapon. It combines the common size Allen wrenches, one-word, Phillips screwdriver, small-size wrench, spoke wrench, Alice Tire, and even more, provides a chain cutter function.

Well, with these handy, easy-to-use tools, our travel will be smooth and smooth. Is it more pragmatic in our hearts? Of course, before you go on the road, it is best to familiarize yourself with it and use it, so that it can play its biggest role.

We have already armed the car. What about people? We must arm ourselves, too! Come at once.

First of all, riding is to ensure safety, so the first one is a helmet. Choosing the one that fits your helmet can make you more handsome. How is it suitable? The helmet with a helmet goes along the brow of your forehead. The helmet does not turn around your head. It does not move forward or backward. It does not feel clasped, but protects your head in a relaxed and natural way. Breathability performance can not be ignored naturally, the more the pores, the better the breathability, but in the premise of ensuring safety, this is not a rule, because some helmets although not many vents, but the air permeability performance in the same design can reach. The helmet is the first equipment to ensure the safety of the human body, so the helmet of the regular manufacturer will have the corresponding standard certification mark, for example, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) or Snell**, there will usually be some international, national or regional certification authority. Agency certification mark.

Riding clothing, its role is to help you perspire, make your body feel dry, from the summer clothing is generally short-sleeved similar to the T-shirt jacket and shorts, the material is mostly polyester (Polyester) There will also be patented materials from some large companies, such as Lycra (LYCRA) and COOLMAX, etc., which are mostly tight-fitting garments with the purpose of reducing wind resistance and reducing the number of bicycles. The top for the ride to consider the front shorter than the back, there will be three storage pockets behind, you can store less weight items, very convenient. You can pick and place items freely by hand during riding. In shorts, there will be cushions to increase riding comfort.

Kettle, this is necessary, water is the source of life, how can it be missing it? The capacity of a typical kettle is 600, 750, 900 milliliters, so if your bike can install two kettles, it would be better. Kettle mouth is also designed specifically for riding, can ensure that you are very convenient during the ride, remove the kettle, drink water, just a hand and mouth with the action on it. remember! Do not interfere with your sight when drinking water while riding.

Glasses, glasses for bicycles, must meet the UV protection, not broken, good ventilation performance, face design conditions, UV protection are generally standard UV400, not broken is required to be hit, will not hurt the human body The good ventilation performance is to keep your eyes clear and the face design is designed to prevent foreign matter from entering your eyes.

Gloves improve the comfort of your hand during riding and can protect your hands during crashes. Use short fingers in summer to better control your bike.

The seat bag, said necessary tools out of the pump can be put in, of course, if the capacity of the bag is enough, you can also install other items.

The tools and equipment required for riding out have been roughly introduced. These are items that are designed to ensure that you ride safely and smoothly. You can choose according to your needs, and you can choose other equipment or tools you need. Because they are your good helpers.

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