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At the end of recent years, people will begin to prepare for the New Year. Among them, household cleaning is an important issue. In the face of cumbersome cleaning work, home corners, etc., how to arrange a large-scale cleaning? In this issue, Xiao Bian will systematically introduce home cleaning techniques to you.

First, kitchen cleaning

1, the kitchen clean So easy choose the right cleaning tool to help

2, how can the kitchen can withstand the oil kitchen clean and courier

Second, bathroom cleaning

3, there is a smell more fresh bathroom odor cure

4, to create a clean and clean space toilet cleaning coup

5, how can close contact with bathtub cleaning and maintenance tips

6, winter favorite bath tub cleaning and maintenance can not forget

7, narcissistic do not stop the mirror lamp cleaning and maintenance Raiders

8, enjoy a comfortable bathroom, of course, it all-round protection of the bathroom cabinet Raiders

Third, other space cleaning

9. Where does the end of year-end cleaning begin? Give home a comprehensive care

10, prevention of flu and clean to deal with home health corner I have tricks

11. The method of cleaning the five kinds of commonly used curtains that cares for the window

12, solid wood cabinet is difficult to maintain? Xiao Bian Zhao stroke maintenance problems one by one to break

13. At the end of the year, there is a coup to clean the home like new

14, stains nowhere to hide to take a shower on the soft background

15, special love to special it woman exclusive wardrobe care skills

16, to the baby the most intimate and meticulous care strokes children's room clean

17, teach you a second change up people furniture maintenance cleaning Raiders

Living room bedroom kitchen bathroom bathroom cabinet toilet tile building knowledge building materials maintenance furniture

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