Rice "four shortages" lead to dead seedlings

The field seedlings of Daejeon are not called seedlings for a long time after transplanting. The types of stunting are nitrogen deficiency, phosphorus deficiency, potassium deficiency, and zinc deficiency.

Aluminium, copper-aluminum bus bar xpansion joints are mainly used in trasformer substations for aluminium bus connection or copper-aluminium the copper-aluminium expansion joints adopts flash welding technology.

1) High quality of the Aluminum Telescopic section
2) Stable structure
3) Certificate: ISO9001 
4) Prompt quote & Leadtime guarantee
5) Reduce the static stress of fiber optic cable 
6) Improve the ant-vibration ability of optical cable
7) Inhibite the dynamic stress of wind vibration
8) Higher Safety performance 
Expansion Joint

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Expansion Joint

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