Ruiqi New Materials: Resin Diamond Wire Cutting Leads Industry Innovation

Abstract On the morning of August 5th, in the production workshop of Zhejiang Ruiqi New Material Technology Co., Ltd., 10 production lines are continuously “spinning”, which is difficult to identify with the naked eye. "The production here is for single, polysilicon cutting...
On the morning of August 5th, in the production workshop of Zhejiang Ruiqi New Material Technology Co., Ltd., 10 production lines were continuously “spinning”, which was difficult to identify with the naked eye. "There is a resin diamond wire for single and polysilicon cutting. Now the company has four kinds of diamond wire, and the thickest wire diameter is only 120 microns." The company's relevant person in charge said.

It is this thin diamond cutting line that breaks the monopoly and technical barriers of foreign products, and also makes Ruiqi New Materials become a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and industrialization of resin diamond wire. At present, there are 11 production lines of Ruijing new materials, including 10 production lines and one test line. The monthly output is about 130,000 kilometers, and the annual output is 2 million kilometers under full production.

What are the characteristics of resin diamond wire products? What are the advantages of using it for cutting? "Because of the uniform distribution of diamond abrasive grains and uniform grain size, the damage layer on the surface of the silicon wafer can be greatly reduced, and the purpose of improving the cutting precision of the silicon wafer is achieved. The product has high cutting efficiency, long service life, small surface damage of the silicon wafer, thin slice, The consistency of the film thickness is good, etc." The person in charge said that the diameter of the damage layer is between 7 microns and 11 microns.

It is reported that the resin diamond wire is cut by the high-speed rotation of the silicon rod surface by the cutting wire fixed with the diamond abrasive grain, which can replace the current silicon carbide mortar cutting process and solve the environmental pollution problem. “Because the resin diamond wire cutting uses water-based cutting fluid as the cutting coolant, the water-based cutting fluid contains only a small amount of chemical substances, which is easy to clean and avoids problems such as dust and water pollution, thus reducing environmental pollution.” The coolant product is also the company's cutting characteristics for the resin diamond wire. It has independently developed the coolant product and the recovery system. The recycled diamond wire coolant can reduce the coolant consumption cost by more than 70%.

It is precisely because of the high gold content and innovation of the technology that the resin-consolidated diamond cutting line project of Ruiqi New Materials was selected as the first prize of the 2014 Science and Technology Progress Award by Xiuzhou District Science and Technology Bureau. The technology that supports this technology is a high-quality R&D team led by Liu Wei, the company's general manager.

It is understood that as the project leader, Liu Wei has presided over the “Research of Resin Diamond Wire Manufacturing Technology” since 2009, and led the team to complete the laboratory development of product formulation, the design of special equipment, the test of production process, and the application of products. A series of work such as experiments, in August 2011, the product successfully achieved small-scale industrial production and application, its performance and indicators can completely replace imported similar products, breaking the monopoly and technical barriers of foreign products and technologies, achieving brittleness in the photovoltaic field. A revolutionary advancement in the hard material cutting industry. In November 2011, relying on the resin diamond wire manufacturing technology, Zhejiang Ruiqi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. came into being.

At present, the company has 7 master's degree or above. All R&D personnel have obtained more than 10 invention patents and 6 utility model patents in the fields of material chemistry, fine chemistry, polymer and physics. The new material of Ruiqi has also become the national standard drafting unit of “Resin Diamond Cutting Line for Photovoltaic”.

With the recovery of the photovoltaic industry, the industry's upgrading and technological transformation and upgrading continue to accelerate, the demand for resin diamond wire is increasing. It is reported that in order to further increase production capacity to meet the current market needs, Realtek's new materials have begun to actively prepare for expansion.

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