Saint-Gobain Grinding Technology Seminar held during China International Machine Tool Show

Summary of April 19 morning, "the development trend of grinding teeth grinding industry and application sharing" as the theme of the Saint-Gobain grinding technology seminar conference room W-102 scheduled at the China International Exhibition Center (New Venue). The scene attracted from the machine tool...
On the morning of April 19th, the Saint-Gobain Grinding Technology Seminar on the theme of “Grinding Development Trend and Application Sharing in the Grinding Industry” was held as scheduled in the W-102 conference room of China International Exhibition Center (New Hall). The site attracted many customers from machine tool factories, automobile manufacturers, universities and related industry associations, and came to listen and discuss the grinding problems.
At the beginning of the seminar, Mr. Ma Ai, Vice President of Asia Pacific, introduced the development history of Saint-Gobain and the innovative features of the company. Next is Mr. Brian Rutkiewicz, Director of Global Application Technology of Saint-Gobain Abrasives, around the theme of this seminar, explaining the development and changes of the gear industry, new technologies and new trends of abrasives in the gear industry, from The aspects are elaborated in detail: 1. The grinding method of the gear industry will gradually develop to a more precise and more efficient way, such as strong honing, grinding, etc.; 2. Abrasives will be more efficient and more cut. Deep ceramic abrasives (such as Saint-Gobain's patented TG2\TQ) replace traditional corundum abrasives, and the grinding process will also revolutionize the process – grinding the car; 3. Passing the test parameters from the Saint-Gobain R&D center and customers Cancel the process of hobbing, milling, shaving, etc., directly forming the teeth from the blank, which can improve work efficiency and reduce the cost by about 50%. At the end of the seminar, the audience and Mr. Brian had a lively interactive question and answer. Everyone said that they had a good harvest and hoped that Saint-Gobain could hold more seminars.

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