Scientists successfully extract airplane fuel from forage

Scientists successfully extract airplane fuel from forage

It takes millions of years to convert plants into gasoline in natural processes. But researchers at the University of Ghent in Belgium have already thought of how to make this transition faster.

They added clostridium bacteria similar to those in the intestine to forage grass to produce decane. The decane is one of the main components of gasoline and jet fuel. Although it is contaminated, helane is currently used in commercial jet aircraft and people will continue to use it for at least the next few decades.

The researchers also demonstrated that this conversion process is commercially viable.

To make it easier for bacteria to digest grass, the system will use a catalyst to treat the forage before it is used. Then use a lot of clostridial bacteria to ferment the forage. With further processing, it can be converted to decane.

The decane produces carbon dioxide during the combustion process, so it cannot be regarded as a very clean fuel, but it has a higher energy density than the lithium battery itself. Therefore, it will become the aviation equipment at present and in the future. The main fuel.

The researchers also said that there had been technology to convert corn into alcohol, but unlike corn, grassland would be everywhere, so the potential for converting grass into material is still great.

Although the researchers only extracted a small amount of decane during the experiment, they believe that the current test is already very effective and can be put into commercial use.


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