Shower glass and top frame installation

After fixing the frame, the glass and top frame of the Shower room were installed. If the installation is not careful, it is easy to have problems such as not being able to leave the joints.
1. Installation of Tempered Glass If the shower room is composed of two pieces of tempered glass and two sliding doors, after installing the bottom frame and the wall frame, the next step is to install two pieces of tempered glass. Tempered glass installation first needs to be placed in place, and then the bottom is fixed.
The two tempered glass do not need to move, so they need to be fixed with accessories. The first is to use a U-shaped accessory card holder, and then use a pliers and a screwdriver to fix the nut and the screw with the bottom frame connection.
2, the installation of the top of the first frame: After the installation of two pieces of tempered glass is completed, you can install the fixed top frame, in fact, the top of the frame in the wall after the safety of the need to secure it and see if the docking is accurate.
The second step: Before the fixed installation, it is also necessary to locate, drill, and determine the fixed position.
Step 3: Handle the screws on the top frame in a fixed position so that the glass and sliding doors can be installed next.
Step 4: After drilling, installing rubber pellets, and handling the joints, you can use the electric screwdriver and screws to fix the top frame.

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