Simple Style Tile Selection Simple Style Brick Matching Tips

First, the mix of simple style tiles

Compared with the traditional gorgeous style tiles, it can give people a magnificent feeling in terms of matching. The ceramic tile that emphasizes the simple style matches more with a single color and a simple texture, showing an elegant and simple style. The modern style of tile design is not suitable for pattern matching. Although it is only a simple white color, it gives a simple and clean feeling to the entire visual expression.

Second, simple style tile lines

Want to use tiles to match the elements of the modern style of indoor home elements, in the choice of lines, try to be low-key, such as showing a faint stone lines, or imitation wood grain lines and so on. Try to discard the extravagant style elements as a match, but choose tiles that emphasize the natural texture.

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Third, the color of simple style tiles

The color does not have to be light yellow or white as a match, in the overall style selection can be based on the overall tone of the room to choose and match, even with the cool color of the tile color, with the same can get excellent results .

Fourth, simple style tile paving

Do not think that simple style is simple, but actually it is not simple, simple style is also a lot of stress, but the so-called simple style is relatively visually gives a small fresh feeling, but in fact the layout is very detailed, Here we look at how to lay simple style tiles.

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1. Material Selection for Simple Style Tiles: Polished Tiles

The simple style of home is generally simple but not simple main theme, home should give people a simple, bright, atmospheric feeling. Therefore, when decorating, choose tiles should consider the surface brightness of better polished tiles or polished glazed tiles, the best choice for light-colored, such as beige, white and so on. Large area can be properly selected large tiles, so that even more concise living room.

2 simple style tile paving with stress: horizontal shop, vertical shop effect is good

Paving is done in a parallel manner on the wall. The brick seams are aligned without seams, while the seaming treatment with the color close to the bricks is smooth and clean. And the rectangular tiles are laid horizontally or vertically, making the entire space spacious.

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3. Simple style tile paving space: different spaces have exquisite

Simple style, simple but not simple, just simple, bright atmosphere, such as the sofa background wall with polished tiles pull paving, simple and clear use of "line" and "face" combination. The texture of the TV background is clear and simple, such as: full brick color with some texture. Bedrooms are available with polished tiles and woodgrain tiles. The restaurant tries to use the same tiles as the living room. Toilet tiles can be simple and generous. The kitchen space mainly considers the use of bricks on the walls and floors, and it is better to use cleanliness such as beige and beige.

Editor's summary: The selection and paving of minimalist style tiles are shared here. For more information, you can follow the information on this website, or go to this website to find more favorite products!

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