Teach you how to choose the right interior door

First of all, the wooden door is a big item in the home decoration, and it is also the door face of this family, so when you choose the door, remind you to pay attention to these points:

1. What do you look at at the door? First look at the door cover. The material of the door cover, the deformation of the door, and the drooping are actually problems with the door cover. At present, there are mainly two kinds of door covers on the market, MDF and solid wood multi-layer boards. The MDF is made of wheat, straw, sugar cane and other materials into a powdery form. Although it has good balance, it is easy to crack and has poor nail holding power. The solid wood multi-layer is made up of multi-layer solid wood veneers criss-crossed, with strong nail-holding force, good stability, waterproof and moisture-proof, is the first choice for home wooden doors;

2, after reading the door set, choose the door core. What does the door core look like? See what material it uses, whether it is real material.

3, there are many kinds of materials, environmental protection is up to the standard? It depends on whether you can provide written protection, you must say anything without a word, write it in the contract is true.

4. Look at the production equipment of its manufacturers. Whether the equipment is complete, good production equipment can make a beautiful paint effect; can control the moisture content of the wood, reduce the probability of wood cracking and deformation, and prolong the service life of the product.

5, the best choice for the selection of factory direct sales, in order to avoid the agent to eat your price difference, the final sale is not guaranteed. How to look at the agent, you only need to pay attention to whether the label is the dealer or the manufacturer is a family.

6. Installation is equally important. Vulgar speech: "Seven points, three points" can be seen the importance of installation; installation is not done, directly affecting the future use of your home. So you have to confirm whether their installer is a professionally trained and qualified professional.

7, the market brand evaluation is also very important, it is best to shop around!

8, finally teach you how to look at the wooden door paint. The handling of wooden door paint is also very important, it directly affects the overall effect of the wooden door. At present, some merchants in the market will work hard on the paint to save money. One door uses two kinds of paints, which is cheap and saves a lot of paint processing technology, but after using the wooden door for a period of time, you will find it different. Wherever you look at the wooden door, you can feel the feel of the paint on the back of your hand and ask about the process of selling the paint.

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