The basic characteristics of aluminum honeycomb panel and its application in railway vehicles at home and abroad

[China Aluminum Network] As an important lightweight material, aluminum honeycomb panels are widely used in aerospace manufacturing. They have also been used on foreign railcars for a long time. Their uses are quite extensive, such as the French TGV series and the Italian ETR series high-speed trains. In China, aluminum honeycomb panels have only been used since recent years. Although they have achieved certain results, their application range is still limited. The understanding of the characteristics and application range of honeycomb sandwich materials needs to be further strengthened and expanded.

The aluminum honeycomb panel is a composite material formed by bonding an aluminum honeycomb core material with a surface material. In summary, the aluminum honeycomb panel has the following basic characteristics:

(1) Light weight, high specific strength, especially high bending rigidity, the bending stiffness of aluminum honeycomb panel of the same quality is about 5 times that of aluminum alloy.

(2) It has extremely high surface flatness and high temperature stability. It is easy to be formed and not easily deformed. The aluminum honeycomb panel can not only be made into a flat panel, but also can be made into a double-curvature and single-curvature panel to be assembled and disassembled after being made into vehicle parts and components. Convenience.

(3) Excellent corrosion resistance, insulation and environmental adaptability, can adapt to the various harsh operating environments of railway EMUs and passenger cars; in addition, according to needs, this type of plate can be treated with surface painting or surface-bonded fire board to achieve Good decorative, fireproof.

(4) Unique resilience, it can absorb vibration energy, and has a good sound insulation and noise reduction effect.

(5) The fire protection level is high and meets the Class A requirements of the International Union Fire Protection Standard UIC564-2-199l "Fire and Fire Protection Rules for Railway Passenger Cars or the International Federation for the Use of Similar Vehicles".

(6) The smoke density after encountering a fire meets the high-grade international railway fire protection standards and has a good self-extinguishing property; the heat release value is low, it can form a fire-resistant layer, can reduce the emitted smoke and toxic gases, and has excellent environmental performance. .

(7) Excellent molding processability, which can meet the requirements of complex shapes and high stability requirements for interior parts of railway vehicles.

In foreign countries, the French TGV series and the Italian ETR series high-speed trains have long used honeycomb sandwich structure composite materials to make interior wall panels and roof panels. Subsequently, many railcar manufacturers in Europe adopted aluminum honeycomb panels to manufacture railway vehicles. The components are used throughout the entire range of components such as side wall panels, inner roof panels, partition panels, floors, door panels and luggage racks of interior and exterior doors. Among them, Italy is relatively advanced in the application of aluminum honeycomb panels, and Italy has long begun to use aluminum honeycomb panels to manufacture structural parts such as luggage racks with complex shapes and inner wall panels with curved windows.

In China, the earlier application of aluminum honeycomb panels was to manufacture the compartments of the 25A-type soft sleeping passenger car. Because the manufacturing technology was not in place at that time, the application effect was not very satisfactory. As a result, it has not been able to continue to promote applications on the subsequent 25-type passenger cars. At the end of the 20th century, due to the higher weight requirements for vehicles during the development of EMUs, aluminum honeycomb panels were first applied to the domestic EMU prototypes to manufacture partitions, flat roofs, and door panels, achieving good results. Subsequently, aluminum honeycomb panels were applied on a large scale. At the time, not only aluminum and aluminum honeycomb panels were used to make partitions, flat top panels, under-car equipment panels, and various door panels. Air-conditioning air ducts and air-conditioning unit shrouds were also manufactured using aluminum honeycomb panels. Among them, the application effects of the ask-wall, flat-top panel, air-conditioning duct, and air-conditioning unit shroud were significant, which not only greatly reduced the related parts and components. The quality has realized the overall lightweight of the vehicle, and has also increased the manufacturing precision and quality of the parts, thereby improving the manufacturing quality of the whole vehicle. However, CRH series EMUs have made a breakthrough in the application of aluminum honeycomb panels. The breakthroughs mentioned here are mainly reflected in two aspects:

(1) The application of aluminum honeycomb panels on CRH series EMUs produced inboard panels with complex shapes, manufacturing tolerances and exterior quality requirements, breaking through that aluminum honeycomb panels can only be used in the manufacture of flat structures or in only one direction The bent design concept of parts and components has enabled its application scope to break through the boundaries of applications such as interior floors, partitions, various interior and exterior door panels, and air-conditioning system air ducts.

(2) The application of aluminum honeycomb panels on CRH series EMUs not only made the luggage racks with complex shapes and high load-bearing and wear-resistance requirements, but also broke the tradition that aluminum honeycomb panels could not be used to manufacture important structural components of vehicle interior structures. The design concept has expanded the scope of application to a new area and made the domestic aluminum honeycomb panel application technology enter a new stage.

With the continuous deepening of the localization process of CRH series EMUs in recent years, China has been able to use aluminum honeycomb panel forming and processing technology to manufacture parts with complex shapes and achieved a high level in the field of aluminum honeycomb panel molding manufacturing and application. However, in order to further improve the application level of aluminum honeycomb panels and improve the rationality, maturity, and reliability of designing and manufacturing components, the properties and applicability of aluminum honeycomb panels, application design methods, manufacturing processes, and specific manufacturing should also be applied. Methods and means to further strengthen research, truly grasp the characteristics of aluminum honeycomb panels and application design methods to further expand the application of aluminum honeycomb panels, and promote the further reduction of the weight of railway vehicles.

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