The industry model of the furniture industry in the next five years needs attention

The development of each industry will have a certain trajectory. Each stage has some of his characteristics. How does the furniture industry we are developing develop, what is the status quo, at what stage, what will happen next stage, the next five years What kind of development will it be? As we are thinking, discussing and exploring, we want to discover his laws and follow the trend so that we can make a name for ourselves in the history of furniture development! The furniture industry is a fast-growing sunrise industry. It is precisely because of his rapid development that it will continue to innovate in the market model. Under our preliminary analysis, it can be considered that he is a five-year reform and transitions in a new mode. Go to another market model. 1990-1994: The sales form of self-employed furniture is mainly based on small stalls and small storefronts. Self-employed mode of operation, after the purchase, placed in the store, waiting for customers to come to the door, give money to get the goods, the most original trading relationship. At that time, there was little competition in the market, and the supply was in short supply. The business was very good. 1996-2000: With the development of the market, professional stores and chain stores, in the second stage, the emergence and popularity of professional stores, bulk purchase and centralized sales, such as Xiangjiang, Jinhaima, the vast global, etc., such professional stores, chain Operating in new formats, leading the market, giving consumers a richer choice, the furniture industry has also begun to appear large production companies and distribution companies. 2000-2004: After the development of specialty stores and chain stores in a certain period of time, some enterprises have not kept up with the follow-up management after the rapid development and development, and some enterprises have taken a step forward, such as Red Star, Yuexing, etc. . At the same time, some dealers began to build shop-in-stores and independent stores, and the brand image was further enhanced. The furniture industry has entered a prosperous scene! The specialty stores of various brands have become popular, and many dealers have begun to have brand awareness. Consumers have also begun to choose brand furniture! 2005-2009: Channel Marketing When Guangdong and coastal enterprises fought in a second-class market, Chuanpai Furniture, headed by Quanyou, Pocket Pearl and Shuanghu, began to develop rapidly in three types of markets, with huge channel advantages and Excellent marketing ability, developed at an extraordinary speed, and soon appeared the largest sales company in the domestic market - all-friends furniture. Nowadays, the rising stars such as the South, Haodi, Langdu, and Haojing are also emerging in the third-tier market. Guangdong furniture and coastal enterprises have also begun to try to enter the third-tier market. The deeper competition in the market is slowly showing up in front of us! 2010-2015: Integrating resources and strategic marketing When the direct competition of the market is fully launched, the level of competition will begin to escalate. When the market matures to a certain period, the competition for resources will show his importance, such as human resources and materials. Resources, upstream resources, downstream resources, industrial chain resources, etc., who can be the first to realize and act in a timely manner, who will have the greatest benefit, and can take the initiative in the future competition. Enterprises such as Pearl, Dahao Xingli, Huayuanxuan are working hard to prepare and integrate various resources, such as the establishment of business schools, the cooperation of raw material suppliers, the optimization of channels, the cooperation of external factories, etc. The industrial layout, the marketing era of strategic level is coming soon! The competition in the future is the competition of the team. It is not only the human team, but also the team of the enterprise, which makes the stronger stronger and the market can accelerate the pace of maturity. We can't foresee the future. We can imagine that only two types of enterprises can survive for a long time. One is a company with more than 1,000 employees, and the other is a company with less than 100 employees. Let us prepare for the next five years!

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