The largest domestic tonnage straight-arm truck-mounted crane was born in XCMG

Recently, the largest tonnage of the straight-arm truck-mounted crane SQS625A in China came out with the car. This product has a maximum lifting capacity of 25t and a maximum working range of 30m. The main boom structure is a basic arm plus a multi-section telescopic arm, the boom adopts a U-shaped cross section, and the telescopic form adopts a three-cylinder sequential telescopic + two sets of cable technology. The application of this technology greatly improves the lifting capacity of the middle and long arm. Reduce the frequency of cable action, reduce the maintenance of after-sales service, and improve product reliability. With an advanced double-variable system, the crane is more stable and safe at work. The application of the two-stage large-span shaped square box legs greatly improves the stability of the work, and the span of the legs reaches 8.6 m. The application of the double row ball slewing bearing effectively reduces the size and installation requirements of the machine components and improves the adaptability of the whole machine. The application of the jib, sub-winding and auxiliary hooks provides a basis for the selection of cranes for light and large loads and large height operations, and expands the field of product use. Negative angle application, improve product transportation performance, large working range, wide angle operation of -11 ° ~ 75 °, and easy replacement of jib, auxiliary hook bracket and magnification.

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