The main parameters of ultrasonic cleaning machine

The main parameters of ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machine main parameters 1, rate: ≥ 20KHz, can be divided into low frequency, intermediate frequency, high frequency 3 segments.

2, quality: the use of ultrasonic cleaning, the general two types of cleaning agents: chemical solvents, water-based cleaning agents. The chemical action of the cleaning medium can accelerate the ultrasonic cleaning effect. Ultrasonic cleaning is a physical function and the two functions are combined to fully and thoroughly clean the object.

3, power density: power density = emission power (W) / emission area (cm2) usually ≥ 0.3W/cm2, the higher the ultrasonic power density, the stronger the cavitation effect, the faster the speed, the better the cleaning effect. However, for high-precision objects with high surface finish, the use of long-term high-power-density cleaning produces “cavitation” corrosion on the surface of the object.

4. Ultrasonic Frequency: The lower the ultrasonic frequency, the easier the cavitation produced in the liquid, and the greater the intensity and the stronger the effect, which is suitable for the initial washing of the workpiece (coarse and dirty). High frequency makes the ultrasonic direction strong, suitable for fine object cleaning.

5, cleaning temperature: In general, ultrasonic cavitation at 30 °C -40 °C best. The higher the temperature of the cleaning agent, the more significant the effect. When the ultrasonic is actually applied, a working temperature of 50°C to 70°C is used.

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