The original price of 170,000 is now selling 26,000 Shijiazhuang surprised ultra low-cost mahogany furniture

As is known to all, mahogany furniture is famous for its large collection value, simple and noble appearance and high price. Recently, the Shijiazhuang market has seen the phenomenon of super low price promotion of mahogany furniture. A set of five sets of mahogany furniture living room with Vietnamese red rosewood was sold at a price of 26,000, which aroused the attention of consumers. On July 14th, a conference hall in the Asia-Pacific Hotel in Yuzhong Road, Shijiazhuang was bustling. The reporter walked into the understanding and found that there was a “super-low-cost processing of mahogany furniture” activity, which only saw the sparsely inside the hall. There are more than ten sets of mahogany furniture, including sofas, tables, chairs, beds and cabinets. Many consumers are paying close attention to the "mahogany furniture" placed in the hall. Two sets of dining tables and dining chairs are placed at the door to mark the words "sold". In addition, several workers were carefully wiping and repairing several pieces of furniture. According to the sales staff at the scene, the batch of mahogany furniture was shipped from Guangzhou and was used as a two-day promotion in Shijiazhuang. In the set of five-piece furniture in the living room, there is a sign of "market price: 170,000, processing price: 26,000". Another set of living room furniture is marked with the words "market price: 900,000, processing price of 188,000". The difference between the market price and the processing price marked by the remaining dozens of sets of furniture is also very large, and it is almost 1-3 fold. The original price of 170,000 is now selling 26,000 Shijiazhuang, the ultra-low-cost mahogany furniture reporter asked why the low-cost processing of mahogany furniture, the on-site sales staff said that it is "tail processing." Some consumers asked, "Which brand of mahogany furniture, whether there is a store in Shijiazhuang, how to guarantee after-sales service", the salesperson said that these furniture does not have a store in Shijiazhuang, but the manufacturers have to supply to Shijiazhuang, As for the after-sales service has been converted to the furniture price. According to the reporter's observation, this batch of mahogany furniture has no difference in appearance and workmanship from the mahogany furniture of large furniture stores, but the wood grain of some cabinets is rather messy and slightly unattractive. Recently, there have been many rumors about the rise and fall of the price of mahogany furniture, which has a lot to do with the upcoming “new national standard” of mahogany furniture. It is reported that the new national standard "General Technical Conditions for Redwood Furniture" will be officially promulgated on August 1. The new national standard requires that each piece of mahogany furniture must be accompanied by a "Redwood Furniture Product Quality Express Card", which is named after the name of the tree. Redwood is just a general term for a class of timber, and some merchants replace the specific tree species with a collective name to defraud consumers. The National Standard for Redwood, promulgated in 2000, stipulates that 5 species, 8 categories and 33 tree species can be called mahogany, but some merchants in the market only know the level of “class” and do not specify the species. Take "red rosewood" as an example, the merchant only indicates that it belongs to "red rosewood" mahogany furniture, but the price of Sian rosewood, A. sinensis, Saizhou Dalbergia, and Dalbergia under red rosewood can be ten times different. Above, consumers who are not knowledgeable are likely to be defrauded. This time, the "Redwood Furniture Ultra-low-cost Processing" event site, a set of original price of 170,000, the processing price of 26,000 furniture sales staff just introduced "this is the Vietnamese red rosewood". According to consumers, most of the current mahogany furniture stores are only introduced to the “class” level when they are sold. According to the statistics of the China Consumers Association, the number of complaints about mahogany furniture has surged in recent years. In 2011, the number of complaints about mahogany furniture accepted accounted for 31.85% of all furniture complaints. Due to the huge difference in the price of mahogany in different places of the same species, the new national standard for mahogany furniture can effectively avoid the price fraud of merchants to consumers, and also remind consumers to buy mahogany. When you are looking for furniture, be careful. (Editor of Shijiazhuang Station, Zhang Zhigan) Disclaimer: This article is an exclusive original manuscript or an exclusive disclosure of information, copyright, if you need to reprint or otherwise copy, please contact

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